Message Systems Is Now SparkPost

The World’s Most Powerful Email Technology Is in the Cloud

The World’s #1 Email Delivery Provider

For more than a decade, Message Systems has been the company behind the world’s highest-performance email infrastructure. Today, our Momentum technology and email expertise powers SparkPost, the world’s #1 email delivery provider. SparkPost customers—including Pinterest, Twitter, Intercom, LinkedIn, Zillow, and Comcast—send over 3 trillion messages a year, more than 37% of the world’s business email.

Reliable and Secure Email Delivery

The next generation of Momentum technology underpins a modern cloud platform with unmatched 99.99% uptime and resilience, backed by SLAs with teeth. And our immediate, on-demand capacity delivers real-world performance when it counts. You’ll see the same low latency—less than 2 seconds in transit—whether you’re sending 100 messages or a billion.

Unmatched Inbox Deliverability

High-performance technology and unrivaled email expertise are why SparkPost customers see 96% of their email delivered to user inboxes and not lost in spam folders. That’s better than any other email delivery service. Our deliverability team proactively works with ISPs and inbox providers to resolve issues, so your email gets through.

Momentum Support

Get support for Momentum and log in for access to packages, license files, and documentation or open or track tickets.


Email Tools and DKIM Validator

These free tools from the email experts at SparkPost make it easy to build and check your app’s emails. Help your emails get to the inbox with the DKIM Validator.

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