Maximize email ROI with unmatched deliverability insights

Powered by the world’s largest email data footprint, Inbox Tracker is the most advanced and accurate email deliverability analytics product in the market. Inbox Tracker empowers you to make better, data-driven decisions to reach more subscribers and maximize the success of your email program.

Email deliverability

Email metrics that matter

Email professionals think and act quickly when seconds and minutes matter, without having to comb through mountains of data. Rely on streamlined tools and cut down on the time and effort required to continually improve your program.


Email Deliverability

Get out of the spam folder

Proactively monitor deliverability issues to remedy problems before they impact your future sending and engagement. Real-time insights and alerts on critical email performance data allow you to course-correct quickly and focus on what matters most.

Crack the code on better inbox placement

Reach more subscribers

Data-powered email execution

On average, 20% of commercial email gets lost in the spam folder due to undiagnosed deliverability issues. Take swift action and make every email count with access to the most comprehensive email data footprint in the industry.



of our customers outperform the
industry average in email deliverability rates.


[Inbox Tracker’s] proactive recommendations on inbox delivery and valuable insights contributed to helping us reach double-digit traffic and bottomline revenue growth within a short timeframe.


Email deliverability analytics

The most comprehensive & trusted data footprint in email

Our exclusive consumer panel data – paired with patented AI-driven IntelliSeeds technology – means access to deliverability data you can’t get anywhere else. Inbox Tracker is the only analytics product that reports deliverability based on:

  • Actual consumer behavior
  • Licensed mailbox placement data
  • Highly evolved AI emulations
  • Traditional seeds

Email inboxing

A better email experience for your customers

A good email experience is critical to your subscribers. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting on a password reset or purchase confirmation email – only to discover that it’s in the spam folder. Outperform your competition in the inbox and win more happy customers with a deep understanding of your email performance.


Features that uplevel your email strategy

SpamTrap & Blocklist Monitoring

Get ahead of potential list hygiene issues, and remedy problems before they affect deliverability.

Campaign Tracker

Monitor campaign performance for deliverability and engagement down to the ISP level.

Complaint Monitoring

Gain context behind your spam complaints with feedback loop data from all major vendors.

Subject Line Predict

Improve subject lines on the fly, and make data-driven improvements to your messaging and design.

Brand Protection

Leverage an all-inclusive DMARC reporting platform and protection against phishing attacks.

Reputation Advisor

Get an on-demand delivery audit, including 100 internal checks over 30 key areas of your sending.

Experts, here for you

Inbox Tracker is backed by our team of industry-leading email deliverability experts to guide you at every step of your email deliverability – from identifying opportunities to resolving issues and optimizing for revenue gains. With our team of experts, it’s no wonder we’re trusted by the most sophisticated senders to elevate their email.