Drive ROI With Better Deliverability Analytics & Inbox Placement

Drive revenue with better deliverability analytics and inbox placement to make every email count. Inbox Tracker offers insights that are informed by the most accurate data sources in the market.

Our leading-edge technology empowers marketers to maximize their email revenue potential and improve the critical success of your email program

Deliverability Matters

Almost 20% of permission-based emails, on average, never reach consumers’ inboxes because they are filtered as spam/junk. This translates into huge missed revenue opportunities for email marketers.

Precision Matters

Even a 1% drop in deliverability can greatly impact your bottom line. SparkPost’s multi-level monitoring solution is the most precise technology on the market.

Inbox Tracker is the most comprehensive deliverability suite on the market.

Track your email program performance across all of these key deliverability areas:

  • Inbox Placement
  • Deliverability by ISP, Domain, and Campaign
  • Inactive Subscriber Rates
  • Average Time to Receive by Domain & ISP
  • Detailed Deliverability Insights
  • Recent Campaigns with Engagement & Subscriber Metrics
  • Outlook SNDS Deliverability
  • Complaint, Blacklist, and Trap Monitors
  • DKIM & SPF Monitor

Inbox Tracker features an array of comprehensive, included enhancements, expertly suited to meet your email program needs.

Enhanced Features

Reputation Advisor

  • On-demand deliverability audit at your fingertips
  • Reputation Advisor checks key elements of your program in five critical areas. Automated reporting highlights any underlying issues and helps to ensure maximum inbox placement of your emails.
  • Automates 100+ key system & infrastructure checks in
    five main areas, alerting you of any underlying issues to
    ensure maximum inbox placement, which include:

    • Configuration & Set-Up
    • Infrastructure Details
    • Authentication & Compliance
    • IP Reputation & Performance
    • Policy & Practices

Subject Line Advisor & Subject Line Predict

  • Improve subject lines on the fly and make data-driven improvements to your messaging
  • Subject Line Advisor will help you better understand the emotional profile of your audience
  • Using your own customer data and campaign history you can:
    • View your subject lines’ most frequently used and highest performing emotional themes (e.g. urgency, guilt, challenge)
    • Understand how each emotion is performing over periods of time
    • See how character length affects subject line performance
    • Review and compare your highest performing words and phrases

Analytics Tracker

  • Get clarity into subscriber behavior. Analytics Tracker shows who is opening your message, how long they’re engaging, and even lets you export data by email address.

Brand Protection

  • Brand Protection is an all-inclusive authentication reporting platform to ensure optimal configuration and protection against phishing attacks

“Inbox Tracker is a game changer; an unparalleled advantage for those who use it.”