Delivering Unmatched Support, Your Way

Our first priority is ensuring you rarely need technical support—but we’re here if you do. And whatever your email support needs, SparkPost’s email support team has a solution to help you get up and running fast. From developer documentation and collaborative community support to full-service technical account management for enterprise senders, we’re here to help you succeed.

Quick-start guides and developer documentation

SparkPost is designed to make it easy for you to start sending email within minutes. Whether you’re just getting started or ready to dig deeper into our features and analytics, our documentation, community Slack channel, and integration guides give you the resources you need to make the most of SparkPost at your pace.

When you’re building software to integrate email, nothing beats easy-to-grok documentation for deploying code in the real world. Get developer-friendly SparkPost support with API documentation, code samples, and integration recipes that give you what you need to be productive and build great things with email.

Responsive email support and priority options

When email matters to your business, “we’ll get back to you” isn’t good enough. SparkPost’s hard-working support team has got your back. Our team is on hand to resolve any technical or deliverability issues that might arise. Every paid plan includes email and telephone support, and we follow through to keep you informed and to ensure that your issue is addressed.

Community support that developers love

Our developer advocates have your back—and practical resources in our Developer Hub. And when you need a helping hand, our developer community shares great ideas and code on Github, Slack, Twitter, and at hands-on events.

Dedicated support for enterprise senders

When email is mission-critical to your enterprise, you need a team that will stand with you every step of the way. When your business chooses SparkPost’s Premium or Enterprise add-on plans, you will be teamed with a dedicated and named Technical Account Manager (TAM) who will be with you from the start and beyond.

Live system status monitoring

We’re proud of SparkPost’s uptime and reliability. We’ve built a fully cloud-based system that scales instantly—and with full elasticity and redundancy. That ensures problems are rare, but if any occur, we will be all over it. We also will be transparent about it. That’s why we publicly update our system status and API availability around the clock for anyone to see.