How will your email break through the noise?

Email is critical to customer engagement, activation, and retention—but your customers are exposed to more information and distraction than ever. Optimizing email performance to break through the noise is a time-consuming and specialized challenge.

Data-driven signals help you send smarter email

Predicting and detecting email delivery and engagement issues is key to optimizing performance. Data-driven insights allow you to focus resources on maximizing customer engagement and conversion—and to avoid problems before they have a negative business impact.



Leverage delivery and engagement insights generated by the unmatched data footprint of 37% of the world’s commercial email.



Identify and resolve high-impact issues with personalized alerts and action items that simplify deep email expertise.



Drive proactive value and performance by detecting and mitigating email delivery and engagement issues before they occur.

Email Health

Monitor the pulse of your email health and avoid potential delivery and engagement problems before they occur. This crucial, predictive signal captures more than 1 trillion real-time messaging events including bounces, ISP feedback loops, recipient engagement, and more.

Recipient Engagement

Identify engaged and disengaged recipient cohorts and analyze and understand your email’s impact on recipient engagement and performance. Get actionable insight into how complaints, unsubscribes, bounces, and spam trap hits affect engagement.

Frequency Optimization

Determine when and how often to send to recipients to optimize email and business performance. Improve engagement and reduce risk of fatigue with empirical evidence of your recipients’ message behaviors.

Spam Trap Monitoring

Remedy list hygiene errors or problematic practices before they affect email performance. Get immediate visibility and take corrective action at the source across multiple trap networks.

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Discover how to drive email performance with data-driven insights and best practices.

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