SparkPost Signals

Find and fix email performance issues before they impact your business.

Signals analyzes your email sending and data from across our industry-leading email network to give you early warning about email issues.

SparkPost Signals Health Score

Email Health Score

Proactively monitor the pulse of your Email Health Score with more than 1 trillion message events across our industry-leading email network, including ISP responses, bounces, spam trap hits, and more.

SparkPost Signals Health Score

Engagement Recency

Recipient engagement is a critical part of your email health. Engagement Recency reveals how it affects your email performance—and how to optimize your sending to boost inbox placement and reduce spam foldering.

SparkPost Signals Engagement Recency
SparkPost Signals Engagement Recency
SparkPost Signals Spam Trap Monitoring

Spam Trap Monitoring

Hitting spam traps has a strongly negative impact on email performance. With the market’s broadest visibility across multiple commercial and non-commercial spam trap networks, Spam Trap Monitoring will help you remedy problems before they cause sending outages.

“Signals’ ability to alert when there’s an anomaly means we can act quickly, so we can prevent problems like ISP deliverability issues from happening.”

Justin Farris Director of Product Management

“The Signals health score shows us predictive data so we can chase down issues without the manual work. It’s great for us—and our clients.”

Kimberly Paxton Deliverability Operations Manager