SparkPost’s Reliability Is Unmatched

When your business relies on email to drive growth and to deliver for your customers, you need the peace of mind that comes with rock-solid reliability. SparkPost is the only cloud-native email delivery service, with on-demand capacity and a support team staffed by email pros with deep knowledge and experience. And we back it up with SLAs (service level agreements) that have teeth.

99.9% uptime reliability

SparkPost’s cloud-native architecture and high-performance email infrastructure deliver unmatched uptime and resilience. SparkPost’s modern cloud platform means our engineers can focus on one thing: fast and reliable email delivery. We’re so confident in our service uptime we back it up with an enterprise availability SLA.

  • Guaranteed uptime. Our uptime SLAs go deep, covering the SparkPost web app UI, data feeds, webhooks, and even business continuity.

SLAs with teeth

SparkPost walks the walk with performance guarantees backed by SLAs that are the best in the business. When prompt delivery of time-sensitive, peak-volume email is crucial to customer engagement and revenue, you’ll have the confidence that the guaranteed burst rates of our Enterprise add-on plan are just that: guaranteed and backed by an SLA. Period.

  • Comprehensive uptime SLAs. Service credits are included for Enterprise senders.
  • Burst-rate guarantee. The industry’s only guaranteed burst-rate SLA. Only SparkPost offers it.

Cloud auto-scaling and elasticity

SparkPost offers immediate, on-demand capacity. We don’t charge you for extra capacity that sits unused until you need it, even if that’s months from now. And if you have an unexpected burst of email, don’t worry about hitting a capacity limit.

  • Better performance with less latency. SparkPost averages just seconds for email transit across our network and infrastructure. We deliver real-world performance when it counts, even during periods of high demand.
  • Flexibility. Our cloud platform lets you deploy email infrastructure in whatever way your business needs, including a hybrid cloud that leverages your existing on-premises infrastructure or a setup that’s all-in on the cloud.
  • Guaranteed burst rates. Our SLAs won’t leave you flat-footed waiting for a server to spin up if you have a sudden need for more capacity.

Email experts and reliability professionals

SparkPost’s email leadership is unmatched. And our dedicated site reliability engineering (SRE) team combines deep knowledge of our platform with high-performance operational expertise. They ensure you can keep sending and receiving email 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you run into a problem at 2 AM on a holiday, someone will be there to help fix it.

  • Engineered reliability. SparkPost’s SRE team has worked in the trenches at many companies large and small and has many combined decades of technical experience among them.

Security by design

Support for email authentication standards and a strong data center perimeter defense are just the start. SparkPost incorporates security by design throughout its service.

  • Certified security. SparkPost maintains a robust and mature security program and security culture. SparkPost completed Service Organization Controls Type 1 (SOC 2, Type 1) attestation December 2016 and expects to be audited for SOC 2 Type 2 in the second half of 2017.
  • Robust infrastructure. Our email security expertise is backed by AWS’ stringent platform- and network-layer security, including intrusion detection and denial-of-service mitigation.

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