Missing or delayed product emails lead to customer churn

Customers churn when emails sent from your app are lost in spam folders or delayed. Whether you’re building a high-growth consumer service or enterprise software, and sending billions—or even hundreds—of messages a month, email plays a critical role in acquiring and retaining customers.

Product Emails in the User Lifecycle

Email deliverability is challenging and time consuming

Ensuring emails are delivered to user inboxes can often feel more like art than science. Diagnosing email issues security, ongoing monitoring of spam blacklists, and working with very large ISPs is incredibly time-consuming and requires a skillset many engineering teams don’t have.

The world’s most demanding senders rely on SparkPost to deliver billions of emails every day. That’s more than 37% of the world’s business email.

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Unmatched inbox deliverability rates

SparkPost customers see 96% of their email delivered to user inboxes and not lost in spam folders.* That’s better than any other email delivery service. Our deliverability team proactively works with ISPs and inbox providers to resolve issues, so your email gets through.

* According to third-party data for a range of SparkPost customers, all of whom follow email deliverability best practices.

SparkPost Inbox Placement and Deliverability Advantage

Take the guesswork out of email analytics

Bounce, open, and click-through rates can indicate serious email delivery issues. Get real-time insight on your email delivery health. Over 35 individual metrics offer an accurate picture of deliverability and engagement, including delivery, bounces, and blocks.

Intelligent email delivery

You’re not alone when sending with SparkPost. Our Adaptive Delivery technology aggregates real-time delivery data from millions of email messages to automatically optimize email delivery for every ISP and market. Adaptive Delivery ensures you have fewer bounces, blocks, and delays.

Access the industry’s best experts

You can’t afford to take shortcuts when email delivery is critical to the success of your product—and business. Customers upgrading to SparkPost’s Premium and Enterprise add-on plans can rely on:

  • Technical Account Managers (TAMs) and enhanced deliverability support.
  • Proactive deliverability reporting, planning, and account reviews.
  • Global ISP relations and mediation.
  • 250ok deliverability data analysis and guidance.

Learn More about Email Deliverability

Develop your email expertise and master best practices with SparkPost’s email deliverability resources.

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