Painless SMTP & API Integration for Developers at Companies of All Sizes

There’s never been a better way to build email into an app or service and to feed performance data back into other systems. Whether you’re looking for an email API or SMTP, we’ve got you covered. Get email integration set up fast—and set up right.

Email your way is just minutes away

SparkPost helps developers hit the ground running when it comes to work with email:

  • Onboarding workflow makes it easy to create an account, configure a domain, and get up and running in minutes.
  • Already sending with SMTP? It only takes a few configuration settings to start sending with SparkPost.

Build email into any app with SparkPost’s killer email API

We’re not kidding when we say SparkPost is API-driven email delivery. We’re builders like you, and SparkPost’s REST email API makes it easy to embed transactional email and analytics into any app or workflow.

  • SparkPost’s REST API gives control of every SparkPost message generation feature: manipulating templates, generating messages, sending emails, and reporting performance data.
  • Performance data is fully queryable, and the SparkPost API gives programmatic access to summary data as well as details of individual email messages.
  • API-driven and API-first. The SparkPost web app itself is built on our API.

Powerful SMTP injection made easy

SMTP injection is an easy way to get started, but don’t let that simplicity fool you. This service is no dumb SMTP relay. SparkPost’s SMTP support is powerful.

  • Personalize messages during SMTP injection.
  • Generate unique tracking data for every SMTP message.
  • Nearly every API feature can be invoked with an SMTP X-Header.

Work with our API, whatever your language

We work the way you work. Our client libraries allow you to use SparkPost with the language of your choice. Be productive with your language and your team’s skills.

  • Client libraries for Node.js, PHP. Python, Java, Go, and many more.
  • SparkPost and developer community contributions on GitHub.

Push real-time activity with webhooks

SparkPost’s webhooks (HTTP callbacks) capability pushes every detail of inbound or outbound message activity as it happens, delivering you a rich stream of structured data. With our webhooks, your ability to tie email sending and receiving into other systems, apps, sites, and processes in real time is virtually unlimited.

  • Stream JSON data about message activity to your endpoint as it happens.
  • Enable inbound message handling, from simple relaying to complex programmatic processing.
  • Trigger actions in your apps and business processes in real time with webhooks for outbound and inbound messages.

Pre-built integration with key cloud platforms

If you’re building in the cloud, SparkPost’s pre-built integrations make it easy to configure and use SparkPost with other services.

  • Major cloud infrastructure providers like Heroku and Microsoft Azure.
  • Marketing and other business systems.
  • Web service connectors like Zapier.
  • And literally dozens more.

Email integration support for enterprise senders

Whether you’re building a new service or orchestrating a long-running business process, enterprises that need to integrate email with complex business systems need rock-solid email integration. Customers who choose our Premium and Enterprise add-on plans can count on the support of our Technical Account Managers (TAMs) to deliver technical excellence with a savvy understanding of business needs.

Learn More about Email API and Integration

 Build email development skills and explore email best practices with SparkPost’s email API and developer resources.

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SMTP Set-Up Video Walkthrough

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