Email Doesn’t Stop with the Send

Learn how your email is performing through sending, delivery, and customer engagement with rich metrics and powerful email analytics.

Whether you want to spot-check how customers are responding to confirmation emails at a specific ISP, or need to incorporate real-time email performance into data-driven business processes, SparkPost’s email analytics give you the information you need, exactly when you need it.

Go beyond the bounce with 35+ real-time email metrics

No email delivery service gives you more data than SparkPost to get you the rich data you need to fine-tune your email strategy.

  • SparkPost tracks more than 35 real-time metrics of message performance and customer engagement.
  • From bounces, opens, and clicks to injections, renders, and policy disposition, every aspect of message generation and delivery is instrumented and queryable.

Visualize performance with email metrics dashboard

Whether you need a quick overview or want to drill down with sophisticated filtered views, your dashboard is a powerful tool for email analytics.

  • Make easy work of interactive queries of email metrics by drilling down with simple clicks.
  • Visualize at a glance what you need to know.
  • Up-to-the minute detail delivers real insight.


Bounce Rates

Query individual Message Events when you need them

SparkPost’s Message Events API gives you programmatic access to the details of any email message you’ve sent.

  • Customer support tools, CRM platform, or other systems can query message disposition and customer interaction details for specific messages.
  • Drill down by recipient, campaign, template, and more.

Unleash real-time activity and big data with webhooks

SparkPost’s high-performance webhooks/HTTP callbacks pushes every detail of message inbound or outbound activity as it happens, delivering you a rich stream of structured data for recording and analysis. With our webhooks, your ability to tie email sending and receiving into other systems, apps, sites, and processes in real time is virtually unlimited.

  • Trigger actions in your apps and business processes in real time with webhooks for outbound and inbound messages.
  • Every email metric and activity detail can be captured as it happens for data science processing and storage on your servers and data warehouse.
  • With webhooks available for anything you send or receive, there are no limits to what you can do with your data.

Serious email data for serious email senders

When your enterprise depends upon data, integrating email metrics into key business systems is mission-critical. That’s why the expertise of a SparkPost Technical Account Manager (TAM) is invaluable to businesses seeking to optimize email programs to capture and integrate email data.

  • Serious senders who need to make the most of email analytics and data integration get the data expertise of a TAM with SparkPost’s Premium and Enterprise add-on plans.

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