When Your Enterprise Counts on Email, You're Covered with Our Enterprise Email Solution

We built SparkPost to support the biggest email senders in the world. Every SparkPost customer benefits from the ultra-scalable performance and reliability and responsive support that are core features of our cloud email delivery service. But what about those senders whose high volume and/or mission-critical email operations require an enterprise email solution?

Add-on Plans for enterprise email

When email is complex and critical to your business, you need a team that will stand with you every step of the way. SparkPost’s Premium add-on plan gives you the peace of mind that comes from having a named and dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) who knows you and knows your implementation. SparkPost’s Enterprise add-on plan additionally is backed by the industry’s only SLAs for guaranteed burst rates and fully-integrated, cross-channel support that unifies email, mobile push, and SMS messaging.

Dedicated technical and deliverability account management

Our enterprise Technical Account Managers (TAM) deliver full-service support on a first name basis. TAMs are a key resource for customers of SparkPost’s Premium and Enterprise add-on plans—and they’re backed by a team dedicated to ensuring your success.

  • Named and dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM).
  • Your TAM will lead you through onboarding, email program strategy and deliverability best practices, technical implementation, and troubleshooting.
  • Make the most of the insight that comes with proactive deliverability reporting and rest easy knowing that our team is there to help you navigate global ISP relations.

Enterprise-grade service level guarantees

Not every email delivery service can handle the demands of enterprise senders. Only SparkPost puts our money where our mouth is by backing our promise with the industry’s best service-level guarantees. When prompt delivery of time-sensitive, peak-volume email is crucial to customer engagement and revenue, you’ll have the confidence that the guaranteed burst rates of our Enterprise add-on plan are just that: guaranteed and backed by SLA. Period.

  • Comprehensive uptime SLAs with service credits for Enterprise senders.
  • The industry’s only guaranteed burst-rate SLA.

Unified email, mobile push, and SMS messaging

Whether your enterprise is an omnichannel retailer, a financial services firm, or an engaging social platform, your customers expect engagement wherever they are, and on whatever device is most convenient for them. That’s why cross-channel messaging across email, mobile push, and SMS is a key feature of SparkPost’s Enterprise add-on plan. Unified messaging helps you to deliver a great customer experience, while you benefit from the efficiency of managing, analyzing, and reporting cross-channel messages from a single console.

  • Unified messaging and true multi-channel support across email, mobile push, and SMS text messaging.
  • Support for iOS and Android push, and iOS Universal Links to bring customers right into your app.
  • Employ logic at send time to determine the right message for the right customer on the right channel.
  • Manage, measure, and report on cross-channel message performance from a single console.


Start driving business value for your enterprise today

Your business counts on email. SparkPost has got you covered. To learn more about the enhanced services included with our Premium and Enterprise add-on plans, contact us today. A SparkPost representative will assist you in evaluating your needs.

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