Enterprise Email Solutions

We built SparkPost to support the biggest email senders in the world. Learn how our Enterprise email solutions can help you grow your business.

Full-Service Support on a First-Name Basis

Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are a key resource for SparkPost’s enterprise email customers — and they’re backed by a team dedicated to ensuring your success.

  • Onboarding and email program strategy assistance
  • Best practices, implementation, and troubleshooting support
  • Guidance with deliverability reporting and ISP relations
  • Included with our Enterprise plan
Enterprise email TAM support

Deliverability Management for Enterprise Email

Deliverability matters — for better engagement and increased revenue. Let our team support your business by providing best practices for sending email and managing your subscriber list.

  • Proactive continuous monitoring of your IPs and deliverability
  • Regular review of inbox placement and engagement metrics
  • Detailed guidance and education on migration strategy, domain management, and IP warm-up
  • Global ISP relations and mediation
  • Included with our Enterprise plans
Enterprise email deliverability

Service Level Agreements for Enterprise Email

Many email services can’t handle the demands of enterprise senders. SparkPost SLAs are backed with enterprise-grade financial commitments.

  • 99.99% uptime SLA ensure uninterrupted sending.
  • Service credits for Enterprise senders.
  • Burst rate SLA guarantees prompt delivery of time-sensitive, peak volume email.
  • Included with our Enterprise plan.
Enterprise email SLA

Enterprise Senders Rely on SparkPost

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Why Choose SparkPost for Your Enterprise Email Solution?

SparkPost is the industry’s most trusted sending and delivery platform, handling four to five trillion emails a year. Over 40% of all commercial email flows through our applications because we’re a leader in execution, deliverability, security and insightful data.

Email Execution

Everything we’ve learned about well-executed email communication, we share with you through ongoing coaching and support.

Our in-depth competitor analysis prepares us to help you uplevel your marketing emails for profitability. We’ll provide recommendations on content design and formatting to optimize your email campaigns.

Adopting a new platform can be seamless. SparkPost professionals provide tips and recommendations for your migration strategy to ensure your transition is a success. We also offer comprehensive training on our application and provide outstanding technical support when you need it to keep your enterprise email operating effectively.

Email Delivery

When you need to know your emails are reaching their intended destinations, rely on SparkPost to help you hit your customers’ inboxes instead of their junk folders. Our email validation tool saves you time and money by instantly verifying a potential email address for legitimacy before you send anything to it.

We know email — which means we’re familiar with internet service provider spam filters and the ways to prevent you from getting caught in them. SparkPost uses its expertise and experience with global ISP relations and mediation to maintain mutually beneficial relationships between you and them.

We’ll also guide you through preliminary IP warm-up protocols to increase your deliverability, and we provide bulk sending without delivery delays. SparkPost provides a guaranteed sending multiplier for busier seasons to deliver your message effectively and on time.

Sending Security and Compliance Solutions

SparkPost offers take-charge and ongoing monitoring of your IPs for effective domain management. We prevent malware and viruses, keep patches and updates deploying promptly, and ensure only authorized users can access your network.

Protecting your electronic communications and customer data is vital to your reputation and compliance with regulations. We’ve designed our services to detect intruders and keep them out with state-of-the-art encryption. We’re experienced with GDPR compliance and FinTech regulations to keep you sending risk-free no matter where your customers are or what industry you work in.

Insightful Data

Email is one of the most effective marketing communications in existence, so it’s essential to know what’s working when it comes to your email messages.

Our suite of analytics reports on deliverability and customer interaction with the most extensive data footprint in the industry. We position you to make the best-informed decisions about your marketing communications based on data from eight different sources.

SparkPost Features and Integrations for Enterprises

When it’s time to choose an enterprise email hosting solution for your business, you deserve a full suite of services and applications that provide you with function and integration. Take your email to the next level with SparkPost’s API capability, PowerMTA and Signals.

Are you working from legacy applications? SparkPost offers trustworthy white-label email hosting, so you can use our full-featured REST email API to generate your own communications from our templates and your existing applications. Embed our easy-to-install codes directly into your website or application and take advantage of all the SparkPost REST features.

PowerMTA (message transfer agent) offers you high-capacity sending for critical business communications. Run it from your on-site servers or take advantage of the scalability cloud computing provides.

Combine PowerMTA with our proprietary statistics application, SparkPost Signals, for world-class analytics and reliability you can depend on.

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