SparkPost Events

June 25, 2020 Contributors

Event Definitions

SparkPost logs several events that can be used to track the lifecycle of your emails.
Individual events are available via Webhooks
or the Events API.

You can also view your recent events from the app(EU).

The possible events are:

Event Type Descriptions
injection Email successfully generated or relayed to SparkPost.
delivery Recipient mailbox provider acknowledged receipt of email.
policy_rejection SparkPost rejected the email due to a policy reason.
delay Recipient mailbox provider temporarily rejected the email.
bounce Recipient mailbox provider permanently rejected the email.
out_of_band Recipient mailbox provider rejected the email after initially accepting it.
spam_complaint Recipient marked the email as spam.
initial_open Recipient opened the email. Recorded by a tracking pixel at the top of the email.
open Recipient opened the email. Recorded by a tracking pixel at the bottom of the email.
click Recipient clicked a tracked link in the email.
generation_failure Email generation failed due to a technical reason.
generation_rejection Email generation failed due to a policy reason.
list_unsubscribe Recipient unsubscribed using a mailbox provider’s list unsubscribe feature.
link_unsubscribe User clicked a tagged unsubscribe link.
relay_injection SparkPost received an inbound email.
relay_rejection SparkPost rejected an inbound email.
relay_delivery Delivered inbound email to your endpoint.
relay_tempfail Your endpoint temporarily failed to accept inbound email.
relay_permfail Reached the maximum retry delivery attempts for an inbound email.