April 29, 2017 Contributors

The Reports tab will load in the summary screen view, with a default time range of the last hour. For large senders, there may be a short delay while the data is being compiled. The Calendar drop down provides preset time ranges and an optional custom date/time picker. You can also apply additional search criteria like recipient domain, campaign or template name in the search bar in the upper right.

Below the Summary graph are the various metrics you can choose. You can add up to five metrics per search by clicking on the Add button to the right. When you click on Add, this is what you will see:

If you want to remove a particular Metric, click on the X to the right. To add a new Metric, click on the metric and that will bring it to the top.  Once you are done, click on Done Adding, and SparkPost will compile your new Metrics. Below, you will see your Metric scores based on your selections:

You can download the selected dataset to a csv for further analysis by choosing the Save As CSV button in lower right.