Using SparkPost with eCampaign 11

June 21, 2017 Contributors

The following steps will walk you through using SparkPost with LmhSoft’s eCampaign 11.

Click on ‘Accounts’ to go to the Email Account Manager:

Click on the ‘New’ button to set up a new SMTP profileĀ and enter your name, email address and reply-to (note that the domains for the email addresses should be ones that you have set up on your SparkPost account):

Click on ‘Delivery Settings’ to set the following:

  • Set the SMTP Server to
  • Set the port to 587
  • Check the box that says “This SMTP Server Requires Authentication”
  • Set the username to SMTP_Injection
  • Set the password to an API key you’ve created on your SparkPost account with the ‘Send via SMTP’ permission enabled
  • Check the box that says “Requires an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS)”
  • Click “OK”

Now you’re ready to send!