The Benefits of Setting up Role Domains ([email protected] and [email protected])

November 1, 2019 Contributors

What are Role Based Domains?

Role-based domains (like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]) are email addresses that are not associated with a particular person, but rather with a company, department, position or group of recipients. SparkPost now provides the capability to verify your sending domains using [email protected] and [email protected] role based domains.

Note: When choosing this option to verify your sending domain, an email will be sent to the owner of the role based account for verification.

Benefits for Setting up Role Based Domains

There are some benefits to setting up a few role based domains.  The two important domains are [email protected] and [email protected]

  • [email protected] should be implemented so that individuals can easily send abuse information or complain about spam to a domain holder.
  • [email protected] should be implemented to receive queries and reports.

A number of antispam systems still check these addresses, so messages the user sends can go to the spam folder if the antispam systems do not find an active address [email protected] for the users domain.