If I stay on my current plan, will my monthly cost stay the same?

August 17, 2017 Contributors

Your monthly cost will remain the same for the lifetime of your account. However, your overages will be capped at your maximum sending from the last 90 days or the published plan volume plus 30%, whichever is the greater. If you intend to send more than your limit, we’d encourage you to take advantage of the discounts, and upgrade your account.

Example 1 – No Overage

If you are on a 1M plan and have not overaged in the last 90 days your max monthly cap will be set to the plan value (1Million).

Example 2 – Overage

If you are on a 1M plan and have the following sending pattern for the last 90 days:

  • August 19 to September 18: 1,136,456
  • July 20 to Augugust 18: 1,232,012
  • June 20 to July 19: 986,472

We would set your max monthly cap to 1,601,615 (1,232,012 x1.3).

Free Accounts

Free accounts which have never overaged or have not added a credit card to their account are not affected by this change. These accounts will continue with a maximum monthly limit of 100K and their current daily limit.

**NOTE: ** Daily limits are NOT impacted by this change.