I Never Received My Verification Email Sent to [email protected]

April 28, 2017 Contributors

Q: I signed up using the alias ‘[email protected]’¬†because we have a few people working in SparkPost, but I never received my verification email. I even checked my spam, and had it re-sent several times. What’s going on?

A: SparkPost has a global suppression list that includes a lot of common aliases. The reason for this is because aliases tend to be to a group of people, rather than individuals, and historically, spammers have sent to them in the hopes that one person would open the email. As well, the assumption is that if a person signs up to receive email, they are using an individual address rather than an alias, so that it will only go to them and not to a group. It has since become a Best Practice to prohibit most common aliases from being sent to. As a result, if you try creating an account with ‘[email protected]’ or ‘[email protected]’, you will not receive the email.

What we suggest is using an individual email address for signing up with SparkPost. However, if you really want to use an alias so that multiple people can access the account, then I would suggest creating a non-standard alias, such as ‘[email protected]’ or ’[email protected]’.