What is the difference between a “Starter” plan and a “Premier” plan?

March 9, 2021 Contributors

The Starter plans are low-cost plans that make it easy for new or low-volume senders to get started. They include many of SparkPost’s great features, but some features are limited in order to keep costs low. See the chart below for a list of current feature limitations.

The Premier plans are robust email packages for high-volume senders that include additional features to facilitate and manage sending large volumes of email.

Feature Starter Plans Premier Plans
A/B Testing No Yes (10 max)
Alerting Predefined Custom
Automated IP Warmup No Yes
Dedicated IP No Yes (1 included; additional available for purchase)
Event Search Yes Yes
Inbound Email No Yes
IP Pools No Yes
Recipient Lists Yes (10 max) Yes
Saved Reports Yes (30 max) Yes (100 max)
Scheduled Send Yes (3 days) Yes (3 days)
Sending Domains / Bounce Domains Yes (10 max) Yes (50 max)
SSO No Yes
Account level 2FA/MFA Yes Yes
User level 2FA/MFA Yes Yes
Subaccounts No Yes (15 max)
Templates Yes (10 max) Yes
Template Snippets Yes (10 max) Yes
Tracking Domains Yes (5 max) Yes (25 max)
Webhooks Yes (2 max) Yes (5 max)

Please note that these limits are subject to change.