Delivery Index

What percentage of your emails are hitting the inbox vs. the spam folder? Enter your sending domain below and find out now for free.

Delivery Index What

What Is Delivery Index?

Just like a fitness watch tracks your athletic performance and health, this tool measures the health of your email marketing program.

Why Should You Use Delivery Index?

It’s easy to assume that once an ISP accepts an email transmission, it’s been delivered to the inbox. But genuine email deliverability is all about whether your message got into the inbox vs. the spam or junk folder. On average, over 20% of all marketing emails get sent directly to spam and junk folders. Can you afford to have 20% of your recipients never see your messages?

Delivery Index Why
Delivery Index Impact

What Is The Impact?

Deliverability is the cornerstone of your ability to generate revenue from your email. Improving your deliverability by 1% could put over a million dollars of revenue on the books.