From Start-up to Enterprise, We’re Trusted to Deliver Customer Success

Our customers range from the biggest senders in the world to start-ups and small companies that are just beginning to make a mark. But what they share is understanding of the business value of email—and the confidence that comes from working with an email delivery service that is 100% committed to helping them to achieve their business goals.

They know that SparkPost’s innovative technology makes their email strategy possible. And they trust in our people to make the difference. Learn how our customers are using email today, and how SparkPost is dedicated to customer success.

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“I’m very happy with the SparkPost service. The weekly deliverability reports really help us stay on top of the health of our sending infrastructure. With their advice, we can find and solve problems before they become widespread and hard to mitigate. The proactive support we get from the team and their around-the-clock availability are second to none!”

Penny-Merelle Gray
Delivery Customer Support

“Being a premiere customer of the SparkPost service has allowed us to achieve high levels of reliability and performance … We are very excited to work with SparkPost.”

Tara Clark
Director of Email

“I was impressed with SparkPost’s technical capabilities and performance. But it was the deep knowledge and customer focus of their implementation team that really made our successful transition possible.”

Kenneth Chan
CEO & Founder

“SparkPost provides us with the real-time email metrics we need. Combined with our own A/B testing, we can dynamically adjust our content and how we send email based on live feedback. There’s no more batch campaigning. All messages are one-to-one, based on users’ interests.”

Seth Weisfeld
Engagement Manager

Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it. SparkPost customers tell the story of how email delivers bottom-line results for their businesses.

Precision Sample Counts on Deliverability When Email Is a Lifeblood

SparkPost delivers API-driven email at scale and powers a mission-critical business process of delivering highly targeted email messages.

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Propelling Real-Time Commerce with Data-Driven Email

Major shopping portal drives transactions with real-time email offers and SparkPost’s data integration.

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Delivering Social Engagement with Email

A leading social network refines its user behavioral model with SparkPost’s webhooks email metrics.

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Enabling Iterable’s Growth Marketing Platform

SparkPost helps Iterable to offer new functionality in its SaaS platform. And excellent deliverability is now a competitive advantage.

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Tobi’s Mission-Critical Migration: Success in Just 11 Days

Learn how SparkPost’s customer success team team helped fashion retailer Tobi implement SparkPost as a complete replacement to their legacy email service provider.

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Real-Time Engagement for Real Sports Fans

Digital media company ensures serious sports consumers aren’t stuck with yesterday’s news.

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Enterprise and Industry Solutions

Learn more about SparkPost’s industry expertise and solutions for enterprise senders.