Email Marketers Want & Need To Benchmark Their Performance & Activity Against Others.

Competing for your subscriber’s attention in the inbox is more challenging than ever before. To win the battle of the inbox, email marketers need to benchmark their performance against their competitors across a variety of metrics, including:

  • The best time and day to send emails
  • Email frequency
  • Audience segmentation
  • Subject lines and creative
  • Read rates

With SparkPost’s Competitive Tracker Solution, You Get All of This & More

Competitive Tracker is the most powerful email intelligence tool on the market empowering you to compare your efforts against real-time competitive data to understand what’s working and what you can improve on.

With Competitive Tracker, you can get all the competitive intelligence you need to beat your competition.

Our extensive consumer panel permits us to track and report on virtually every marketing email campaign sent by almost every significant brand, so that you can compete more effectively in the inbox and plan ahead for important holidays or seasonal strategies.

  • View competitors’ current and past promotions and pricing, with updates and alerts as they change

Competitive Tracker brand comparison screen
Competitive Tracker Sending Domain screen

  • Benchmark and compare engagement metrics, subject lines, creative, segmentation, and send frequencies
  • Identify key inbox competitors, not just the head-to-head competitors within one vertical

Enhanced Features

Journey Mapping

  • The Journey Mapping feature of our Competitive Tracker platform leverages our leading-edge AI technology to track billions of messages allowing you to view any brand’s emails categorized by each type of customer journey including:
    • Welcome
    • Birthday
    • Purchase
    • Abandoned Cart
    • Shipping
  • Customer journey mapping will allow you to quickly identify top-performing campaigns by type, view the subject line, and creative to see how the message fits into the overall email program
  • You can also see differences in messaging based on region or if the user is active vs. inactive
  • Plus, you’re able to view how many messages led up to a user’s purchase and how many messages an individual subscriber receives in a given day or week

Advanced Search

  • Advanced Search feature allows you to search campaign performance from many different perspectives
  • You can search for the best or worst performing campaigns by using powerful filters that can filter data by ESP, IP, company, brand, industry, target country, inbox/spam rate, engagement, and much more
  • Advanced search allows you to quickly filter through billions of emails to find the actionable information that you can use to maximize your email program today
  • Competitive Tracker’s power is magnified with scheduled exports and alerting
  • Troves of competitive data can be delivered right to you on a schedule that makes sense for you and your team
  • With competitive alerts you can be notified when your competitors change promotion strategies (i.e. Spring Sale, xx% off, BOGO, etc.) or send emails promoting new products

Brand Compare

  • The Brand Compare feature is the fastest, easiest way to gauge your email performance across key metrics compared to up to three brands that interest you most
  • Brand Compare takes all of the powerful search functions of Competitive Tracker, and organizes them in on-demand, customizable reports that you can save and view again via browser or email
  • You choose the timeframes you wish to evaluate, and within seconds you will see how the brands’ email marketing efforts stack up against one another
  • Benchmark your email program performance against your competitors in these key areas:
    • Subscriber Overlap: See how many of your subscribers are also receiving email from your competitors. This overlap identifies your key inbox competitors, your audience’s interests, and possible marketing partners. Overlap reports are rank-sorted by degree of overlap, and updated monthly
    • Best & Worst Performing Campaigns: View your competitors’ best and worst-performing campaigns so you can learn from their successes and mistakes
    • Engagement Rates: Each tracked campaign shows its open rate, along with the rates at which it’s read and then deleted, or deleted without reading
    • Sender Metrics: Sender metrics show you your competitors’ most active sending day of the week, most active sending time of day and how many sends they’re delivering per day
    • Subject Line Word Performance: Identify key subject line words that are performing well for your competitor
    • Campaign Counts & Volume: Each tracked campaign is reported with its projected mailing volume which reveals the degree of segmentation and allows for subscriber contact frequency calculations
    • Sample Creative: Competitive Tracker includes full subject lines and creative, allowing you to view your competitors’ promotional content
    • Inbox Placement: Inbox and spam rates are tracked at campaign, domain, brand and company levels

“Companies using competitive intelligence applications generate 3x more revenue of those that don’t!” – The Relevancy Group, “The Value of Competitive Intelligence”