Competitive Tracker:
SparkPost Competitive Intelligence Tool

The most powerful, comprehensive, & accurate search tool on
the market for delivering email marketing intelligence

Email Marketers Want & Need To Benchmark Their Performance & Activity Against Others.

Competing for your subscriber’s attention in the inbox is more challenging than ever before. To win the battle of the inbox, email marketers need to benchmark their performance against their competitors across a variety of metrics, including:

  • The best time and day to send emails
  • Email frequency
  • Audience segmentation
  • Subject lines and creative
  • Read rates

With SparkPost’s Competitive Tracker Solution, You Get All of This & More

Competitive Tracker is the most powerful email intelligence tool on the market empowering you to compare your efforts against real-time competitive data to understand what’s working and what you can improve on.

With Competitive Tracker, you can get all the competitive intelligence you need to beat your competition.

Our extensive consumer panel permits us to track and report on virtually every marketing email campaign sent by almost every significant brand, so that you can compete more effectively in the inbox and plan ahead for important holidays or seasonal strategies.

  • View competitors’ current and past promotions and pricing, with updates and alerts as they change
competitive tracker one brand compare
  • Benchmark and compare engagement metrics, subject lines, creative, segmentation, and send frequencies
  • Identify key inbox competitors, not just the head-to-head competitors within one vertical

Competitive Tracker Sending Domain screen

“Companies using competitive intelligence applications generate 3x more revenue of those that don’t!” – The Relevancy Group, “The Value of Competitive Intelligence”