Zillow views email as a feature of their core product, a key extension of how they handle user notifications.

SparkPost Customer Stories

SparkPost is the #1 email infrastructure provider and the most performant email delivery service available.

The world’s most sophisticated senders, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Groupon, Salesforce, Marketo, Pinterest, and Comcast trust SparkPost to send over five trillion messages a year—nearly 40% of the world’s business email—making us the fastest-growing email delivery service provider on the market.

From the finely-tuned on-premise MTA to today’s fully elastic cloud email delivery service, we provide our customers with proven highest inbox delivery rates, easy setup and launch, and the most comprehensive analytics and insight. Built on the AWS platform, we give our customers the reliability and scalability they demand—and more. There’s never been a better way to send email.

Browse SparkPost’s customer stories below to see how leading, innovative businesses use email to drive their success and growth with the help of SparkPost.

Zillow relies on SparkPost to drive engagement with the world’s leading real estate app and website.

Zillow views email as a feature of their core product, a key extension of how they handle user notifications.

Email is key to digital engagement and growth for the newspaper.

A successful online marketplace platform runs on email.

Unified messaging and notifications improve customer experiences.

How to build a successful email infrastructure in 11 days.

Up-to-date legislative information is delivered to subscribers through SparkPost’s RESTful email API.

“SparkPost provides us with the real-time email metrics we need. We can dynamically adjust our content and how we send email based on live feedback. All messages are one-to-one, based on users’ interests.”

SETH WEISFELD Engagement Manager

“With SparkPost’s advice, we can find and solve problems before they become widespread and hard to mitigate. The proactive support we get from the team and their around-the-clock availability are second to none!”

PENNY-MERELLE GRAY Delivery Customer Support

"The core of Iterable’s business is giving marketers intuitive tools to send emails and push notifications…Our volumes are at an all-time high.”


The world's leading organizations trust SparkPost

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