Job hunting can be scary and stressful particularly when making a big career change. When I began looking for opportunities in the EdTech world after years in front of the whiteboard as an elementary school teacher I was overwhelmed to say the least. During that time I found that while there was no shortage of job board websites there were few that made the job hunting process feel personalized to my needs and skills.

After looking through tons of job reqs on every site you can think of I found ZipRecruiter, an employment marketplace with a focus on tailoring the job hunting experience to each candidate (and their resume). One of the major ways ZipRecruiter executes on a highly-personalized customer experience is through triggered email. Whenever there was a position posted that they thought could be a fit for me, I received an email notification within moments. This allowed me to apply for positions as soon as they hit the market and be an early applicant for jobs that I was really excited about. When I saw the email to be an Account Manager at an EdTech company I jumped at the opportunity and scored the job!

In addition to helping job seekers, ZipRecruiter also helps companies find qualified candidates for their open roles. Hundreds of thousands of recruiters rely on new candidate notification emails to help them identify great applicants for the jobs they are hiring for. With such a great focus on email communication with customers and applicants it’s no surprise that ZipRecruiter relies on SparkPost to send their messages. In fact, SparkPost takes care of sending the 20,000,000 emails that ZipRecuriter sends daily!

Now, 2 years later, my days of checking my email for ZipRecruiter notifications feel like a world away. ZipRecuriter’s emails made me feel well-informed about job opportunities and empowered during a process that was at times incredibly taxing for me. With the help of ZipRecruiter and their personalized triggered emails I was able to find a meaningful career helping teachers and students across the country.

~ Stephanie

Stephanie Weiss is a Customer Success Manager at an EdTech company. With a Masters in Education and years of teaching experience, she is passionate about helping educators find new ways to engage their students.