Writing for Email: Top Tips with Ann Handley

It’s no secret that I’m a big Ann Handley fan. So when I first pitched a campaign all about how to successfully write marketing emails, I knew we had to get Ann involved. After all, her newsletter Total Annarchy has been my favorite bi-weekly inspiration for years now. 

I’ve been responsible for writing marketing emails in every role I’ve had since ~2012, and I think any #emailgeek out there who’s in charge of writing should become an Ann Fan™ like me.

Join us on March 24 to hear top email writing tips

Email marketing is hard. From campaign strategy to design to code to QA… It takes so much effort to get even a single email out the door. But in my experience, the process typically starts with the words. Your message. What are you trying to SAY? 

Words matter, and writing good content can be hard all on its own. So let’s learn from one of our industry’s best. If you’re not familiar with Ann Handley, she’s the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, a Wall Street Journal best-selling author of two books, and has founded two multi-million dollar companies. She also works out of a tiny house “she-shed” and has an adorable dog named Augie (or August when he’s in trouble). Basically, she’s goals. 

On Thursday, March 24, Ann is going to play a fun little game with us – and we’re going to put an email spin on it, of course. Have you ever played Two Truths and a Lie? It’s pretty self-explanatory. We’re going to walk through some email truths, aka best practices, and then we’ll discuss some email “lies” to essentially bust common myths. 

All Ann’s content tips will be focused on how to successfully write marketing emails – my favorite channel. And she knows her stuff. She’s grown her newsletter audience by over 2,000% since 2018, so I’m sure we’ll all learn a thing or two. 

After hearing live email writing tips, get the full guide

Following the live event on March 24, we’ll also be publishing a lengthier guide on the same topic. It will be full of email writing tips, plus more expert insights from Ann. 

Take this little sample from her latest newsletter as a free teaser:

“In 2022, personalization is a tech solution.

But personalization is also a human concoction. A potion of creativity and care optimized with empathy and only THEN infused with technology.

Ultimately, ‘personalization’ means ‘relevance.’

‘Personalization’ means ‘I care.’ (Not we. You – the person putting together this email campaign or writing that ebook or publishing this newsletter.)

Stop sounding like a marketer. Sound like a person.”

Gosh, don’t you just love that?! So, register for our webinar Writing for Email, and keep an eye out for our comprehensive writing guide coming soon for all of Ann’s writing tips. I promise they’ll both be worth your time. 

Koertni Adams, Ann Fan™
(and Senior Content Marketing Manager at SparkPost)

Writing for Email: Top Tips with Ann Handley