Email Marketing For Small Businesses

Angela Cheong
Jul. 12, 2013 by Angela Cheong

Weekly Email Marketing News Digest

We’ve often emphasized email best practices in our blog, but what we haven’t talked much about is how to go about implementing email marketing best practices when you have limited resources in terms of time and manpower. If you are planning email marketing for small businesses here are some tips to get started.

Are Best Practices Holding You Back?

Loren McDonald advocates a “starting practices” approach where marketers can launch email marketing campaigns while adhering to best practices incrementally. The three approaches he describes in further detail in this articles are:

  1. Figure out where you want to end up
  2. Work backwards to a starting point
  3. Keep “best in class” principles as you move to each phase

The starting best practices approach is based on the principle of launching and improving programs gradually and not ditching quality all together.

Something for the Little Guys

AWeber predicted that 85% of SMBs will increase their use of email in 2013. Through the use of firmographics, or business and organization-related categories such as executive title, type of business, geography etc, in business email lists, small firms will be able to improve targeting and personalization of emails.

The New Email Marketing Rules

ClickZ interviews email marketing guru Chad White about his book, Email Marketing Rules, where he outlines 108 email marketing best practices in a way that is accessible to business with little email marketing experience. In this interview, Chad discusses how email works even when it is done badly, and the potential for driving greater ROI with best practices, as well as email frequency. And of course, do read part 2 of his interview, How To Ride High In Email Marketing, to find out why Twitter is important in email marketing.

It Takes More than a Phone Call to Deliver Your Email

Here’s a fiery piece from Ken Magill, where he dispels the widespread notion of a personal telephone hotline to inbox providers to resolve email deliverability issues. As the volume of emails sent places a financial burden on the inbox provider, these providers make it a point to filter all emails so that subscribers, who represent revenue to the inbox providers don’t leave.

Our very own experienced postmaster, Jill Resnick has spoken on the topic of how it is absolutely possible to have high email deliverability without a hotline to an inbox provider, in our Proven Tips For High Volume Sending webinar.

How Digital Marketing Has Changed Small Businesses [Infographic]

How Digital Marketing Has Changed Small Businesses

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