Ways to Improve Your Email Newsletter For Customer Engagement

Angela Cheong
Apr. 25, 2013 by Angela Cheong

Weekly Email Marketing News Digest

This week’s news digest has a focus on that magical customer engagement and marketing tool we all use – the email newsletter. We’ve got a collection of articles that are primed to help you create better content for your customers.

Shock Study Reveals 69 Percent Email Opens On Mobile


A recent study by Movable Ink shows that almost 70 percent of email is opened on mobile devices, so keep this in mind when preparing your company’s newsletters! Less than a third of emails were opened on desktops. This is the highest percentage of emails opened on mobiles that has been reported by any study. For example, Knotice study reported 41% of emails were opened on mobile devices.

The study however, is unique because it focuses exclusively on emails sent by enterprise B2C brands.

There is a caveat though – as stated in Movable Ink’s disclaimer, “Because determining email opens requires images to load, the percentages for some device-types and platforms might be over or underrepresented.”

5 Email Tips for Do-It-Yourself Copywriters

“If you distract your brain by working on something else, something deep inside you keeps tinkering with the idea that got you stuck. Stephen King calls it the boys in the basement —those guys somewhere deep inside you who keep on working while you’re mowing the lawn, taking a shower, and even while you sleep. They’ll come up with something interesting and pop it into your conscious mind the next time you work on the piece.”

Wait… is this really a digest for email marketing? How did it just venture into spook town territory? The quote above comes from Tip 4: Incubate your ideas. Email copywriters, check out the article for the full scoop.

5 inspirational examples of email marketing we can all learn from

5 marketing specialists provide 5 examples of newsletters they really enjoy. The newsletters provide 5 key learnings for every email marketer out there.


  • Timely and interesting content is a killer combination.
  • You can justify long emails if content is relevant and interesting.
  • Ensure that the design is mobile friendly
  • Create brand advocates with a valuable and consistent experience
  • Use humour

Email Marketing: CNET increases engagement by cutting nearly half of newsletter portfolio

CNET recognised the need to trim their portfolio of newsletters and did so, by cutting it down from 30 to 16 newsletters. The results were:

  • An increase in open rate by 3.32%
  • Increase in clickthrough by 7.62%
  • Less than 5% drop in subscribers
  • Editor presence in all but one newsletter

Read the full article to find out what criteria they used and how they communicated the exercise to their stakeholders.

Do more than inform – build a community with a digital newsletter

Do you have a company newsletter? Well here are some stats to guide your content.


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  • The metric on short headlines is interesting. I read somewhere that the Obama campaign’s highest performing fundraising email from the 2012 election had a subject line of “Hey”.


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