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Angela Cheong
Mar. 7, 2013 by Angela Cheong

Weekly Email Marketing News Digest

Mobile has been in the news a lot recently, and no wonder. Studies are repeatedly serving up evidence that mobile is changing the way we consume information – right from the moment we wake up. That impact has changed the way email marketers go about doing their jobs as well and will continue to inform further efforts at customer engagement and retention. was the top visited mobile site last week

Experian Marketing Services launched a new mobile product last week to provide marketers with more data and insights to behavior on the mobile. For the week ending Feb 23, Google was the top visited mobile site with 17.27% of the market share in terms of mobile visits. Second in place was YouTube with 4.55% market share, followed by Facebook with 2.65%.

Hitwise Mobile: Website rankings among all sites


Source: Experian Marketing Services

Are We ‘Pushing’ The Messaging Threshold?

Over the next three years, email accounts are predicted to grow to 4.2 billion from 3.1 billion. 75% of these accounts will belong to consumers, and although spam remains in the media spotlight, 75% of the emails received will still be legitimate. It is also predicted that email will continue to be the top activity on a mobile device. Given the surge in email accounts, usage and behavior, geo-targeting and push messaging present great opportunities for brands to engage with consumers, if used responsibly.

41% of email is now opened on mobile devices

The proportion of email that is opened on mobile is set to exceed emails opened on the desktop by the end of the year. In the second half of 2012, 41% of email was opened on mobile devices. Smartphones account for 29% of the figure and tablets, 12%. Among smartphones, iOS triumph over Android in terms of platform on which emails are opened – iPhones account for 22% compared to 6% on Android. iPads took up 11.4% of the 12.1% of emails opened on tablets.


Tips for Real-World Marketing from SearchLove and LinkLove

The SEO experts at SEOmoz have compiled a list of tips from conferences they have attended and surprise surprise, there’s a section for the email marketing community! Here’s what the experts recommend:

Encourage people to reply to email marketing – Patrick McKenzie
Facebook retargeting to build advertising lists – Will Critchlow
Start your subject lines with “RE:” – Paul Madden
Send competitor’s email marketing to Evernote – Stephen Pavlovich

Do check out the full post for the entire list of actionable tips. They are a marketer’s dream covering a huge range of topics and touching on different specialties!

Email Mostly Mobile

Our partner ReturnPath’s latest mobile study shows that email open rates on mobile have gone up by 300% from October 2010 to 2012. If you haven’t optimized your email for mobile yet, the results suggest it’s time you do.


What tips for mobile and email marketing would you provide if you had your say? Tell us in the comments section! And if you need more insights into leveraging on mobile behavior, download our white paper on The New Communications Standard!

The New Communications Standard


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