Our customers have told us that increasing access to our support and deliverability services really matters. We agree. Ensuring customer success is fundamental to ensuring our own success as a business.

That’s why SparkPost is adjusting our service plans today. Our pricing page and FAQ gives more detail about the new plans. But here are the most significant changes:

  • We have reconfigured our paid pricing tiers to better fit what our customers have told us they need in terms of support and other services. While we’ve increased our base pricing, all paid plans now include telephone and email support as standard features. Higher volume plans include additional benefits like a dedicated IP address and prioritized handling of support requests.
  • We no longer offer a “100K free messages/month” plan to new customers. Instead, we’ve launched a 15K free messages/month plan that’s specifically designed to enable developers to build and test their apps. These free developer accounts include 30 days of email support to start sending email quickly.
  • These changes notwithstanding, I would like to reaffirm a promise I made to honor the terms of our former 100K free plan for all existing customers of that plan. In fact, we are grandfathering all current customers, free or paid, into their current plan’s sending volume and price point if they choose to remain on their existing plans.

If you’re already a SparkPost customer, we certainly hope you’ll consider upgrading to one of our new plans. In fact, we’d like to make it really easy for you: we’re offering current customers a discount for the first three months of paid service on a new plan. Upgrade by September 16, 2017, to take advantage of this discount.

We’re grateful you’ve put your trust in SparkPost to deliver email reliably and securely to your customers’ inboxes. If you have any questions or concerns about the changes we’re making, please share them with me. I’d very much like to hear from you.

Phillip Merrick