SparkPost’s Updated Service Plans

Phillip Merrick
Aug. 17, 2017 by Phillip Merrick

Our customers have told us that increasing access to our support and deliverability services really matters. We agree. Ensuring customer success is fundamental to ensuring our own success as a business.

That’s why SparkPost is adjusting our service plans today. Our pricing page and FAQ gives more detail about the new plans. But here are the most significant changes:

  • We have reconfigured our paid pricing tiers to better fit what our customers have told us they need in terms of support and other services. While we’ve increased our base pricing, all paid plans now include telephone and email support as standard features. Higher volume plans include additional benefits like a dedicated IP address and prioritized handling of support requests.
  • We no longer offer a “100K free messages/month” plan to new customers. Instead, we’ve launched a 15K free messages/month plan that’s specifically designed to enable developers to build and test their apps. These free developer accounts include 30 days of email support to start sending email quickly.
  • These changes notwithstanding, I would like to reaffirm a promise I made to honor the terms of our former 100K free plan for all existing customers of that plan. In fact, we are grandfathering all current customers, free or paid, into their current plan’s sending volume and price point if they choose to remain on their existing plans.

If you’re already a SparkPost customer, we certainly hope you’ll consider upgrading to one of our new plans. In fact, we’d like to make it really easy for you: we’re offering current customers a discount for the first three months of paid service on a new plan. Upgrade by September 16, 2017, to take advantage of this discount.

We’re grateful you’ve put your trust in SparkPost to deliver email reliably and securely to your customers’ inboxes. If you have any questions or concerns about the changes we’re making, please share them with me. I’d very much like to hear from you.

Phillip Merrick


  • So the free tier is now called the ‘developer’ plan and includes 15,000 free emails per month in perpetuity?

  • Hi Jason,

    Yes, you’re correct.


  • Serious hike in pricing especially at the higher levels. We were at the closing stages of selecting you guys as our delivery partner, we will have to look again purely based on pricing.

  • Wow doubled the prices? There was a time that you could send 2,000,000 mails for just $280. However if you send so many emails per month you can probably afford that 😉 Yes more revenue for sure, but what will be there in return? (*I’m not complaining, just curious) We’re still building our system based on the Sparkpost API and had plans to send massive mails through your service, so this was a hit in the face…

  • Hi Marleen,

    A new 2.5m/mo plan will include telephone support, priority support, and a dedicated IP address. However, if you are on a 2m plan currently, you will not be forced to change plans, you will retain that pricing.

    Hope this helps!


  • Hi Jen,

    Well I guess monopoly wins here, this is looks like a case where (secret) agreements between competitors are intended to set prices… I won’t mention any names, but it sure looks like it! (*I’ve been in the online business for a while and know this happens a lot)

    I don’t see any great benevits of the new plans, dedicated IP we could orded for just 20 dollar and support should be part of your business/product these days and if want/need priority support buy a SLA package?

    We changed pricing of one of our products in the past, first weeks/months people complained and then they slowly forgot (or moved on), I think the same will happen here, so from your business perspective great move, sure more revenue with 3x higher prices. I just need to get over it or well lets see what Amazon SES has to offer for us now.. 🙂

    (*we didn’t order 1M or 2M yet, as we’re in development, but we did heavy development based on your API not expecting any extreme price changes this soon)

  • “Our customers have told us that increasing access to our support and deliverability services really matters. We agree. (…)”

    That’s ok, but why remove the free plans?

    I did not understand very well:
    “We no longer offer a “100K free messages/month” plan to new customers.”

    I’m not a “new customer”. I’m part from the old ones. So…
    Will I have 100k free messages/month for ever?

  • Hi Oswald,

    We are not removing free plans altogether, we are honoring the commitment to existing customers, so if you have a 100k free plan you will have that plan for the lifetime of your account. New customers can sign up for the 15k emails/month free plan.

    Hope this helps!


  • Uh, thanks for respecting that.

    Now I can sleep peacefully. =)
    When I read this note I understood that we should move to a paid plan.

    Now it is clear to me.
    Thanks again for providing the service and keeping the contract to the old users of the platform.

    The service is excellent!

    Regards Jen

  • I appreciate that you are grandfathering in existing 100k/free users and keeping a 15k free plan, that is a very good move, but honestly this announcement worries me – Mandrill & other companies often offer these “forever free” plans and they run a few years and then are removed or reduced as companies backpedal on their commitments because they failed to anticipate the costs.

    Sparkpost was forward thinking in taking in Mandrill refugees when they dumped a similar service change on their customers with no grandfathering but it makes me wonder how much your companies tune will change in the coming years.

    When can we expect Sparkpost to nix the 15k free plan with nebulous reasons like ‘improving access to support and deliverability services’? Can anyone explain in detail what that actually means and how offering a 100k free plan affected that?

  • Hi Josh,

    All existing 100K/month accounts are grandfathered like you stated, and those account holders can continue to use those accounts.

    In our experience that the vast majority of new customers who have signed up for the 100K/Month Free tier send far lower volumes of email. In fact, most transitioned to a paid sending tier in order to get access to the added support options available for purchase long before they near the 100K/Month Free ceiling.

    It was with that in mind that we adjusted our pricing plans, making increased support services standard, with no need to purchase additional add-on plans.

    Hope this helps and again, we thank you for being a valued part of our community!


  • I am on a 2M/mo plan and have already purchased a dedicated IP address, do I now also get a free one? And if so, how can I take advantage of it?

  • Hi Sarah,

    If you remain on your current plan, you can continue to send to the plan limit of the highest overage volume in the last 90 days, however there are no additional features or IPs (free or otherwise) included. If you’d like to take advantage of one of the latest plans such as the 2.5M plan (don’t forget that existing customers are eligible for the discount), your existing IP would be included and you would be able to get overages and of course phone support and expedited email support.

    Hope this helps!


  • I appreciate the grandfathering in… but there are price hikes, and then there are price hikes. At our current usage, a similar plan would be 2x for included messages, and more than 3x for overage. That is a rather dramatic increase. More modest/gradual price increases are always easier to stomach.

    We are expecting a large increase in email sending next year and now must include a re-evaluation of provider, given that we would be forced to change plans.

    This is exactly the sort of thing that caused people to flee Mandrill. I hope that’s not lost on all of you. 🙂

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Happy to see you are grandfathering existing customers. I was in touch with one of your sales person and we agreed to pay old pricing and our development team has done all the work to integrate with SparkPost. When we try to pay , we noticed the pricing has been changed.

    Could you please advise how we should go ahead with agreed pricing .

  • Hi Nidhin,

    Someone from our sales team should be reaching out to you shortly to help resolve this.



  • Thank you Jennifer

  • Hi there, we’re a bit confused.

    We are currently on the ‘Gold Plan’ (1m emails a month). I’m assuming this is an old plan?

    It looks like ‘downgrading’ to the new 1m plan will be cheaper for us and we’ll get the IP and customer support as well. Is that right? I tried to contact support a week ago but haven’t had a response yet.

  • Hi Tommy,

    We aren’t able to locate your ticket. Would you mind sending an email to [email protected] and we can help you get everything sorted?



  • Yes- this is quite a substantial increase (though the grandfathering is appreciated). We started sending just a week or so ago after lots of testing, and we’re still in the initial stages of warming up our dedicated IP. We are on 150k/$29 plan (plus an IP). Wish it would have been announced ahead of time! We were a day or two away from moving up to a much higher plan.

  • Hi Brett,

    You’ve essentially already outlined this but just to recap, you could do the following: You can move to the new plan and actually save money for the next few months, be able to overage and also get phone support (keeping your existing IP) or you can move to a larger plan which meets your production needs again with dedicated IP and Phone support. These plans are very competitive in the market and are also discounted for 3 months. Again, we truly value your feedback and your business, hope this helps!


  • Wow, this is a huge price hike. We’ve been putting in a lot of work to migrate from another provider… but now they’re turning out to be more cost effective. (35% lower cost) We’ve halted integration and will stick with our old provider.

    This really sucks, we were really looking forward to moving to Sparkpost. Best of luck to y’all.

  • Hi Drew,

    We’re sorry to hear that. Not sure of the details on the other plan & services the other provider you’re considering offers, but wish you best of luck in your migration. We truly value your feedback and will be sure to pass it along to our teams.


  • well, let’s say you should look at the Pepipost new pricing there now lower then sparkpost. 150,000 email/month for 30$ USD plus all opened email are FREE and is credited over to the next billing month.

    50,000 emails a month = 10$ – all open mail are free/credits
    150,000 emails a month = 30$ – all open mail are free/credits
    265,000 emails a month = 53$ – all open mail are free/credits
    505,000 emails a month =101$ – all open mail are free/credits
    1,010,000 emails a month =202$ – all open mail are free/credits

    hope you can end up with better pricing!

    im going to be switching over i was already using them for some of may other servers and they have good support too.

  • No hard feelings Ray. We understand your position and we will welcome you back anytime! Your price might be lower with them, but you’ll be on a shared pool with bad senders which will tank your ability to get into the inbox (it’ll get delivered, but to the spam folder). We have superior deliverability (the highest than any other ESP) and our paid plans offer live telephone support and a free dedicated IP. If that’s not enough to win you over, you can’t say we didn’t try. 🙂 best of luck to you!

  • This is… disappointing. The free plan of 100k emails per month was the reason we switched from Mailchimp. We want to create an account with our new custom-domain email account, but that would mean losing 85k emails per month. So I guess we’ll just stick with the other account. Let me know if we can change the email address for the older account.

  • Hi Alec, thanks for your feedback. You can still create a custom domain (however, by your commment I’m not sure if you mean dedicated IP, custom tracking domains, or custom bounce domains — which are all different). By creating a custom domain, you are not being relegated to the 15K developer plan. You still are grandfathered into the 100K plan that you signed up for on August 8th. You may want to check out one of these articles or ask your question in community Slack. Custom bounce domains, enabling custom tracking domains.

  • I’m exceptionally disappointed by this massive price increase. I moved away from Mandrill because of this kind of practice and had really expected more from SparkPost [edited from Siteground to SparkPost].

    I spent considerable time implementing webhooks and the API with my system, thus it will be a nightmare to move. I was planning to expand my mailing list, but now, thanks to the capping inflicted on users on existing plans, my business’s growth will be considerably stunted. And yes, I know I could move to a new plan, but I cannot afford to.

    I had recommended Sparkpost to a developer I work with, who was going to use it for three of his other clients. I’ve now told him to stay clear, as even if his clients can afford the new plans, we now know Sparkpost cannot be trusted.

    This is pretty much a disaster for my business.

  • Hi Sha, I’m sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the change. I did check with our VP of Custome Success and he advised that you can continue to send at the same level or the same cost. The 30% buffer means you can still expand quite a bit at the overage CPM – this FAQ article may also help a bit.

  • I did not realise there was a 30% buffer. That’s brilliant. Thank you.

  • I just don’t get this weird pricing

    50,000 emails / month = $9
    150,000 emails / month = $49
    250,000 emails / month = $124
    500,000 emails / month = $249

    Higher the plan .. higher the price @ per mail cost.

    if 50k mails cost 9 USD.. shudn’t than
    150k mail cost = 27 USD
    250k mail cost = 45 USD
    500k mail cost = 90 USD

    We had almost decided to go with sparkpost .. but the price increase has spoiled the party.

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