Benchmark Report: Transactional Email in 2018

Earlier this year, SparkPost surveyed more than 1,800 organizations to gain insight into their use of transactional email. The results show how this important communication channel plays a critical role in acquiring and retaining customers in our application and cloud-based economy. Not only do these messages transmit important information, they also drive website and app activity.

In fact, transactional emails actually help nurture user relationships — giving organizations another opportunity to interact with their customers. Senders have discovered that deliverability of these messages are highly important to the customer lifecycle. So when a customer complains about a lost or undelivered message such as a receipt, notification or password reset, business is impacted by the performance of these highly valuable messages.

Performance is not the only thing to be concerned about with transactional email. The content of these messages is also important when engaging with customers. Many organizations leave the copywriting to teams that aren’t responsible for company messaging, like engineering or IT. If transactional messages are vital to nurturing customer relationships, then shouldn’t they be on brand and A/B tested to understand what’s resonating? By giving transactional email the same level of importance and quality as other touchpoints, organizations have another opportunity to engage and improve customer satisfaction.

Watch the Webinar Replay

In this webinar, The State of Transactional Email in 2018, join SparkPost Senior Manager of Product and Content Marketing, Brent Sleeper and Founder and President of CerebralAction Inc., Atri Chatterjee, as they discuss the overall strategy and specific tactics such as sending patterns, deliverability, technologies used, and people involved to share instructive feedback.

During the webinar, researchers/panelists will go over the key findings of their research to:

  • Give you an overview of transactional email and its most common uses today
  • Describe both the opportunities and challenges businesses face in their efforts
  • Discuss the implications of these findings in the broader context of customer communications in the time of privacy concerns and regulations like GDPR
  • Offer best practices on the strategy and implementation of transactional email in your organization

Download the replay now for The State of Transactional Email in 2018.