Solving The Email Problem

John Pinson
May. 16, 2013 by John Pinson

Transactional Email News Digest

Solving the Email “Problem”

If you feel like the amount of email showing up in your inbox is growing all the time, you’re not alone. The Radicati Group Email Statistics Report (PDF) documents that overall global email traffic is expected to grow by seven percent annually every year for the next four years, while business email will grow annually at a 13 percent clip. Dileep Thazhmon from PowerInbox has an article on the The Next Web discussing how email is evolving, and strategies that people can use to gain more control over their experience. Interesting stats:


A normal user receives about 60% transactional, 30% notification and 10% personal emails a day. Yup, your most prolific email sender is probably an automated bot.

Routing Transactional Emails: The 2 Classic Mistakes To Avoid 

Wise words from MailJet’s Elie Chevignard on the challenges companies face in delivering transactional email: Whether they confirm an order, a subscription or shipping, transactional emails are always crucial to the recipient. They transmit important information that clients are waiting for. Hence, their reach is very impressive: transactional emails yield a 50% open rate and a 20% click rate! Despite these impressive figures, transactional messages are often managed improperly. Here are two classic mistakes to be avoided.

Email Marketing Metrics Study Identifies Top Performers & Sets Industry Benchmarks 

The results are in from Silverpop’s global 2013 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark study. If you’re curious how your industry—or you next email marketing campaign compares—take a seat. Possibly more metrics than you can digest in one sitting, the study takes on open rates, CTRs, CTORs, hard bounce rates, and unsubscribes. When it comes to list management, the key differences between top and bottom performers were most apparent by percentage of hard bounce rates and unsubscribes. While top performers received less than a 1 percent bounce rate, low performers experienced close to a 10 percent bounce. Top performers included education, computer hardware, telecom and electronics, and retail.

Improving Your WordPress Site’s Transactional Email

If you run your blog or online business on WordPress, that platform’s transactional email capability is a critical channel for reaching readers and customers. Here’s a good take on why bloggers should assert ownership of their transactional emails and steer away from the humdrum impression your site makes using basic WordPress functionality. Not only can you add some personality and tie up wayward branding – you can finally get confirmation that you’re not the only one reading your stuff with easy analytics software made especially for you.

Think only marketing emails need to be authenticated? Think again. Email authentication of transactional email ensures that your customers receive important transactional notifications in a timely manner. Find out more about DMARC authentication in our Don’t Deprioritize DMARC webinar!

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