The Transactional Email News Digest

Email Marketing Redefined: Service With a Side of Sales

Leading things off this week, here’s a thoughtful piece from Debra Ellis in Target Marketing on the blurring lines between marketing and customer service. Debra makes the point that as more and more business processes move online and take place through the email channel, companies need to refine their approaches to how they’re communicating with customers. That is, what’s the appropriate message given the customer’s position in the buying journey:

“Marketing is a service when it solves people’s problems. Transactional emails are one to one communication. The right combination of marketing and service messages benefit customers by helping them maximize the return from their investments.” Debra has a lot more on email and marketing best practices on her blog, Multichannel Magic.

Optimizing Transactional Email in the Magento E-Commerce Platform

The Magento platform powers e-commerce sites for many of the world’s top brands, from Nike and Office Max to Fiji Water, Stella & Dot and Chronicle Books. Freelance Magento developer and blogger Giles Bennett has a helpful piece up with tips and tricks for formatting and managing transactional email. Some of what he discusses is specific to Magento, like how to disable unnecessary or redundant alerts. But he also covers things like strategies for using CMS blocks to automatically update headers and footers that anyone working with transactional email will find helpful.

5 Vital Benefits of Transactional Email Program

In a similar vein, Anil Agarwal has a post up that’s something of a Transactional Email 101. He covers the essential basics – how transactional email is defined by the FTC, how it’s distinct from other kinds of email, how brands use it to service and engage customers, etc. Good overview for anyone new to the email / e-commerce world.

Stay Thirsty Keep Sending, My Friends

Finally, time for some email comedy: Here’s a wacky awesome video from the folks at Dyn, the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and email services provider from New Hampshire. It’s a decidedly low-fi but effective send up of the Dos Equis beer ads from recent years. Dyn’s director of deliverability, Stephen Wheeler stars as: “The Most Reputable Sender in The World.” Instead of amazing feats of supernatural abilities (He won the Tour de France but was disqualified for riding a unicycle), we get amazing feats of supernatural email delivery prowess (He’s been know to send customers their email receipts, before they even order). Nicely done.


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