Top 10 Email Marketing Best Practices eReads: Part 2

Angela Cheong
Feb. 11, 2014 by Angela Cheong

We’re continuing to list your favorite email marketing best practices eReads in 2013 this week! And now, for your Top 5, you’ve chosen…

5. The New Communications Standard white paper

Which is better, email marketing or mobile marketing? How about a third option, a new communications standard, that combines the best of both worlds? While a standard response rate for marketing emails might be 6%, a cross-channel campaign that includes mobile messaging sees a dramatic response increase of up to 45%!

4. The State of Mobile Technology Adoption: 2013 white paper

Mobile technology for both hardware and software is experiencing a frenetic pace of change. Originally valued at $500, this Forrester report by Principal Analyst, Julie Ask, is now free for a limited time only. Arm yourself with the necessary knowledge to tackle a mobile-first future and stay ahead of your competitors. Grab it, before it flies off our virtual book shelves!

3. Improving Delivery & Reducing Costs Through Automation white paper

For everything you ever wanted to know about Momentum’s Adaptive Delivery®, this white paper is a must-read. Written by email expert Len Schneyder, find out why Adaptive Delivery, an industry first, is continuing to make the waves with its automated monitoring of bounces, complaints, and adjustments of connection rates and throughput.

2. How To Send Zillions of Email A Day guide

Ah… the question on the mind of every email marketer with a large customer database. Beyond a doubt, email has been proven to generate the best ROI over other marketing tactics like social or search, but how do you make sure a large email send succeeds? Aside from using Adaptive Delivery (shameless plug), find out what you can do to get into ISPs’ good books and optimize your deliverability rates!

1. Email Marketing Best Practices 101 eBook

From email novices to seasoned veterans, everyone can appreciate the value of an eBook that highlights email marketing best practices. Come to think of it, I think it’s time for me to brush up on some of the guidelines now…

And that’s all folks! We hope you’ve enjoyed our Top 10 countdown series of both blog posts and eReads in 2013. Come Jan 2015, we’ll be featuring your Top 10 choices again, so we’re counting on you to keep reading until then!

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