Top 10 Email Marketing Best Practices eReads: Part 1

Angela Cheong
Feb. 4, 2014 by Angela Cheong

We may have celebrated our best email marketing blog posts in 2013 in January, but we’re not done with 2013 yet! That’s right, the fun’s not over. This week, we’re releasing the Top 10 Email Marketing Best Practices eReads in 2013 as indicated by our readers!

Well perhaps “email marketing” is a bit of a misnomer – after all, the list includes mobile marketing as well – serving as a clarion call and reminder that a comprehensive digital messaging strategy includes both email and mobile marketing.

But enough prattle, let’s move on to what everyone’s really here for! Without further ado, here are the top email mobile marketing downloads in 2013:

10. Transactional Messaging Best Practices eBook

Want some great examples of brands who are getting transactional emails right and effectively up-selling and cross-selling their products? This is the eBook for you. Find out how brands like eBay, Zappos and  Redbox are killing it on transactional emails!

9. How DMARC is Saving Email eBook

We saw DKIM authentication making several appearances on our list of Top 10 Best Email Marketing Blog Posts last month – little wonder that our eBook on DMARC is ranking in the 9th position! Here’s everything you ever needed to know about DMARC… and more.

8. 10 Steps to Mobile Messaging guide

And here’s our first mobile related entry on the list! When email went mobile messaging went supernova – there’s no excuse for the lack of a mobile marketing strategy, so here are 10 steps to get you started on mobile marketing.

7. The Six Secrets of Successful Senders guide

Pssstt… here’s something that isn’t a secret. Our Six Secrets of Successful Senders guide is free for download. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Get it now!

6. The High Cost of Free Messaging Software

Yea I know, the word “free” stops me in my tracks too. But unlike our eReads, not everything for free is a good deal. Yep, you heard it first from us… here’s why free open-source messaging software, may sometimes end up costing your enterprise a whole lot more.

… And that’s it for the top email mobile marketing eReads ranked from the 10th to 6th position in 2013! Up next week, your fave five email mobile marketing eReads!

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