Insight 2014, the Message Systems annual user conference, is less than a month away. At Insight 2014, the spotlight is on email. Learn about improving email deliverability, email security, email encryption, email analytics, email engagement, email conversion – the list goes on for a bit. If your job revolves around email then this is the conference for you. To everyone who has already signed up, we’re looking forward to meeting you. For those of you who have yet to register, it’s still not too late. Take a little time out of your day to consider our top 10 reasons why you should join us in San Diego for this gathering of the best and brightest email marketers in the industry!


1. A unique email community  Meet like-minded people and learn from one marketer to another. Trust us when we say that you are not alone in dealing with the email deliverability or security issues keeping you awake at night. With so many email experts gathered in one place, you’re likely to find someone who has successfully solved your problem.

2. Top email thought leaders  Learn from some of the most experienced email marketers in our industry. Matthew Vernhout from Inbox Marketer, Josh Aberant from Twitter and Ryan Boyd from Groupon are just some of the many top email personalities who are speaking at Insight 2014.

3. Largest ISPs  In the email world, ISPs such as Microsoft, AOL, Google and Comcast have the final say on whether your email gets into the inbox of their users. And that’s why our ISP panel has traditionally seen the highest attendance from conference attendees just wanting to learn deliverability tips or pose their own questions to the gatekeepers of email.

4. Largest senders  LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and Facebook are not only the hottest tech companies in the world, they are the world’s biggest senders of email and that means they know all about email delivery and security challenges. This year, our big sender panel will focus on email encryption such as TLS – learn why it’s gaining prominence and importance.

5. Live announcements  What better way to learn about Message Systems latest product announcements than through our user conference? Be the first to hear about exciting news and what’s in store for our customers in 2015! Learn why the Adaptive Email Network will revolutionize your relationship with ISPs. 

6. Hands-on product training  Learn more about why Momentum 4.1 is not just your average point upgrade in the Bootcamp track. Enhanced message generation, list management and metrics APIs, webhooks, TLS and SMTPUTF8 support takes the world’s most powerful email infrastructure to a whole new level of performance.

7. Email Best Practices  Stay ahead of the knowledge curve when it comes to email best practices. Our Email Best Practices track not only covers evergreen hot topics, but identifies future trends such as big data, security, mobile, APIs and cloud apps.

8. Customer Excellence Awards  We’re announcing winners of the Customer Excellence Awards during Insight 2014, so stay till the end and discover if you made the list in 2014! Our Customer Excellence Awards is our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers for their commitment and their innovative use of Momentum to achieve truly spectacular and ground-breaking results.

9. Message Systems University  For the first time this year, we’re including pre-conference training in your registration package. If you are an MSU subscriber, you can attend our morning training session on advanced policy scripting on Nov 11. If you’re not an MSU subscriber, we’re giving you a preview of our MSU training in the afternoon with a session on cross-channel communications.

10. A night out on town  Your ticket to Insight 2014 includes dinner and drinks in San Diego’s Gaslamp district. Relax and unwind over some hors d’oeuvres with fellow attendees, while expanding your professional network. Who says you need to keep work and play strictly separate?



With all these great reasons to attend Insight 2014, we’re sure you can convince your boss to set aside a little budget and secure your spot in San Diego! We’ll see you soon and remember to let us know that you’re attending with #msusercon2014!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you – early bird pricing for Insight 2014, Message Systems user conference, will end this month. So if you haven’t yet purchased your ticket, now’s the time. And if you’ve already registered for Interact 2014, you might want to arrive a day early, because we have something smashing planned for you. No, not another guest appearance by a giant feathered friend like what happened last year, but something better: Pre-conference training sessions at no additional cost!

Our gate crashing guest of honor at the welcome reception in 2013

Come November 11, Jeff Gorton, who heads up our training division, will be conducting a full day of training on the eve of Insight 2014. Jeff, who will also be speaking about Momentum 4: REST API Overview on the first day of Insight 2014, will offer the following courses:

Advanced Policy Scripting Design

Developing policy in Momentum using the Lua programming language is super powerful, but can become unruly as you add more functionality to the policy scripts. In this training session from 9am-12pm, Jeff will present and demonstrate the most efficient approach to designing your Lua policy scripts for current functionality but also as a framework for future functionality. This training session is open to all current Message Systems University (MSU) subscribers. To learn more about how your company can join MSU, please contact [email protected].

Implementing Cross Channel Communications with Momentum

Momentum Mobile enables you to send and receive email, SMS/MMS text, push notifications and IM chat all from a single application server. From 1.30pm to 4.30pm, the Message Systems Training Team will present and demonstrate how to take advantage of this enterprise-class mobile middleware and cross-channel messaging platform. This session is open to all attendees.

Be sure to take advantage of our pre-conference training sessions taking place on the eve of Insight 2014. And after a fruitful day of learning, join us for our welcome reception where you can mingle with other attendees and enjoy some good company, and poolside food & drinks.

Remember, we have two awesome panels the following days that you’ll be sorry to miss:

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.24.33 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.25.11 PM

We’re getting pretty excited to meet all of you at Insight 2014 again, so act now and register today!

To learn more about Momentum’s mobile capabilities and cross-channel communications, check our white paper, The New Communications Standard

The New Communications Standard

Big news on the user conference front. We’ve just secured not one, but two panel sessions this year for our annual user conference. That’s right, email marketers – when you register for Insight 2014, you’ll gain access to the all-star A-list Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Big Sender panels. Here’s what in store for you:

Day 1

Wake up all psyched for one of the industry’s best conference on digital messaging, be it for email or mobile. Today, you’re in for a treat. As ISPs move toward using TLS encryption and message transport, senders are scrambling to meet these new requirements. TLS: What It Means for Senders Now and in the Future brings together panelists from some of the biggest senders in the industry today. Twitter Postmaster, Josh Aberant and LinkedIn Postmaster, Franck Martin will lead a discussion on the overview of email encryption with a focus on TLS, the present and future direction of the protocol, what could be coming next with TLS and what kind of attacks can be prevented with implementation of SSL/TLS.

Day 2

Your adrenaline is still high from the Big Senders panel and just when you think it can’t be topped, you’re at the edge of your seat for the ISP panel, When Senders & Receivers Work Together, We All Win. Remember that one day, when your time-sensitive email couldn’t get through to the intended recipients and you were sweating bullets trying to figure out why the ISPs put their foot down? Get your questions answered as we bring back the most talked about session from 2013. This A-list top tier ISP panel will cover topics in the email world such as DMARC, feedback loops, IPv6, domain reputation and email encryption. Panelists include:

  • John Scarrow, General Manager, Microsoft
  • Lachlan Maxwell, System Architect, AOL
  • Severin Walker, Manager, Anti–Abuse Engineering, Comcast
  • Eric Tozek, Director of Messaging Products, Synacor

Stop groping about in a murky haze of confusion and gain clarity on the do’s and don’ts of high volume sending from the gatekeepers and experts of email. If you register today, you’ll still be eligible for an early bird discount!