*Today’s guest post comes from our partners at Ongage! Read on to learn how dynamic content increases user engagement and reduces conversion times.

Standing out in the Digital Crowd

Today, companies compete in the digital market space for consumer attention. One of the best ways to improve added value and enhance the customer experience is by tailoring campaigns to best fit customers’ personal preferences by incorporating parameters such as location, past engagement, behavior and more.

By providing potential customers with the precise information they are looking for, companies are able to shorten the time it takes to drive conversion from engagement and strengthen the customer’s connection to the brand for future purposes. This not only strengthens a brand’s position in the competitive marketplace, but it improves the brand loyalty customers have.

For email marketers looking to improve their position in the digital crowd, dynamic content integration is the most versatile way to personalize campaigns, improve the customer journey and increase campaign effectiveness.

What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content is content (web, ad, email, etc.) that is provided to an end user based on their personal preferences, past behavior, demographic, or firmographic data.

Beyond offering enhanced personalization and helping companies stand out digitally, integration of dynamic content reduces sales friction along the customer lifecycle, shortening conversion time and improving ROI.

Through integration of dynamic content from already collected information within a company’s database, campaign managers can improve their micro-segmentation capabilities and hyper-target potential clients with precise and curated content that is more likely to drive conversion.

For example, ecommerce sites can enhance campaign effectiveness by providing individuals who abandon their cart with a customized email campaign that takes the customer’s unique style, past shopping behavior and last viewed items into consideration. Travel sites, on the other hand, can tailor special offers based on a customer’s desired travel dates, locations and even accommodation preferences.

By providing customers with the information they want about the products or services they want, email marketing managers are able to have a stronger impact on the next steps in the customer journey their client undertakes, reducing friction, improving experience and increasing the possibility of conversion.

The impact dynamic content and micro-segmentation have on the effectiveness of campaigns is a critical part of the sales journey and one companies cannot forego.

By integrating dynamic content into email marketing campaigns, specifically in such competitive and preference-based industries as travel, retail, or career, companies are able to improve segmentation capabilities, increasing the chances of conversion, and strengthening the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns overall.

“In today’s competitive digital space, companies have to do everything they can to connect to their customers quickly and deeply, and in the email marketing space, no other tool gets as powerful results as dynamic content integration. That is why we are confident that our advanced dynamic content functionality, alongside micro-segmentation capabilities, will bring positive value to SparkPost SMTP customers.” – Danny Tal, SVP Ongage

If you’re interested in learning more about how Ongage and SparkPost can help you leverage your content servers and integrate dynamic content into your campaigns, you can try them both out together in our exclusive offer.

-Sharon Beilis
Head of Marketing, Ongage


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SparkPost Now Integrates With 1,000 Web Tools, Thanks to Zapier

We know that getting your work done requires many different web tools. In fact, the average business uses between 10 and 16 apps. You have your email app, CRM, note-taking tool, cloud storage tool, team communication app, along with project management tools and various to-do lists. Sometimes, it can be a struggle to get them all working in tandem. Now that SparkPost has 1,000 integrations, you can choose your favorite tools and easily integrate them with SparkPost.

SparkPost now connects to 1,000 other web tools, thanks to our Zapier integration With workflow automation tool Zapier, you can set up your own codeless integrations called “Zaps.” Zaps will automatically send information from one tool to another, so you’ll spend less time manually transferring data between your business tools and can dedicate more focus to creative, big picture tasks.

Boost Your Productivity with Popular SparkPost Integrations

No matter what other apps you use, chances are SparkPost integrates with them via Zapier. Here are some of the most popular integrations that SparkPost users already use to be more productive:

New Year, New Process

The New Year is the perfect time to evaluate your processes and find ways to boost productivity. Try out some of the Zaps above or view more ways to integrate SparkPost.

Using Zapier “Zaps” is an easy way to connect services that SparkPost may not natively connect with. For instance, a Zap can send an email through SparkPost when you update particular notes in Evernote. This allows you to share document updates with your team without manually generating an email. No one ever misses an update.

Zaps can be used to connect Salesforce contacts to SparkPost and then store the resulting data in PostgreSQL or Mongo for deeper analytics later. Why build your own integration when Zapier has the components ready to stitch together.

SparkPost has a growing partner channel, and we would love to speak to you about becoming one. We’re all ears when it comes to ideas on how our services can complement one another, or any other interesting thoughts that you have that you feel are worth a conversation. Feel free to check out our existing partners and integrations, in addition to Zapier, by visiting our partner’s page and feel free to drop us a line. You can also tweet us we would love to hear from you!



What does it mean to be a SparkPost Partner?

At SparkPost, we love our partners, and we are always open and willing to explore new partner relationships. Most often, our new partners are looking to provide our messaging infrastructure to their customers. Other partners prefer to refer their customers to SparkPost (with SparkPost paying the partner a commission, of course). And sometimes partners simply want to integrate their technology with SparkPost. In every case, we are always happy to hear from potential new partners!

Why SparkPost?

SparkPost is the world’s fastest-growing email delivery service. Our customers — including Pinterest, Twitter, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Zillow, and Comcast — send over 3 trillion messages a year, over 25% of the world’s non-spam email. The SparkPost service for sending API-driven transactional and marketing email (through partners) provides the industry-leading performance, deliverability, flexibility, and analytics our customers and partners need.

Partnering with SparkPost allows you to effectively re-brand our services, while building your business on top of the world’s most performant deliverability service – us.

SparkPost’s Infrastructure is Scalable

SparkPost is hosted on AWS, rather than building and scaling our own data center. SparkPost’s VP of Engineering, Chris McFadden, elaborates in more detail:

“Our #1 goal is to be the leader in cloud email infrastructure. We have no desire to be experts in data centers, much the same way our customers do not want to be experts in running email infrastructure at scale. When building out a data center, by definition, you can only solve the problems you’re facing at that point in time. It can be very difficult to make the adjustments you need as your business and technical needs change rapidly over subsequent years.”

By leveraging AWS, SparkPost offers unrivaled scalability, security and reliability. As a result, our partners are able to build and scale their own businesses without worry.

Current SparkPost Partners

Here at SparkPost, think of us as the infrastructure behind email. Since our inception, we’ve focused on providing the best email deliverability and infrastructure in the industry, and this is where we plan to stay. Unlike some other cloud email delivery providers, we do not offer email marketing campaign (aka “front-end”) capabilities. This is where our partners come in.

Our partner list is growing fast! Our Business Development team is dedicated to making all of our partners successful. We’re especially focusing on supporting our email marketing campaign partners, rather than competing with them.

Some current SparkPost partners include Iterable, Ongage, Cordial.io, and Blueshift. In addition, we have integrations and formalized partnerships with PaaS platforms like Heroku, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

A note on Iterable and SparkPost’s partnership, below:

“We have worked with many of the cloud email platforms on the market, and SparkPost is comprehensive and leading-edge,” said Justin Zhu, founder and CEO of Iterable. “Its performance is unmatched, it scales easily and provides the largest number of data points to power our customers’ growth marketing and user engagement campaigns.”

How to Become a SparkPost Partner

We’ve made becoming a SparkPost partner extremely easy, and we have a Business Development team dedicated to your success. So, let us know if you want to hear more about partnership opportunities. Once you provide your information and specific needs, someone from our team will reach out. It’s as simple as that!


Other questions on partnership opportunities? Leave us a comment or reach out on Twitter!

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250ok partnership

You’re probably familiar with the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Likewise, it takes key partners to service the multilayered needs of today’s sophisticated marketer. Email-at-scale is complex and it can be expensive when you don’t have the right tools. More importantly, it can be disappointing when that email doesn’t arrive to the inbox. To ensure our customers have maximum visibility into how their emails are performing, we’re announcing a partnership and integration with 250ok to improve access to deliverability tools and rendering technology.

Deliverability tools are a special class of tool that help companies measure their deliverability to the inbox. These tools ensure that emails landing in the inbox render consistently across devices and they protect a brand’s reputation and measure engagement through the analysis and synthesis of multiple data sources both public and private. We’re excited to work with 250ok; they have built a best-of-breed platform that addresses the concerns of today’s data-driven marketers.

Customers using SparkPost Elite will now have access to 250ok tools, services, and reporting. From forensic and aggregate DMARC reporting to the 250ok spamtrap network, SparkPost Elite customers can now use the world’s most powerful sending technology with the market’s premiere deliverability tools provider to maximize their inbox placement and understand engagement trends. Additionally, we think they’re a pretty cool set of folks to work with, and we share a lot of the same characteristics. We’re all obsessed with good UI/UX, have a mutual respect for awesome-APIs, work at a rapid clip and care deeply for our customers’ success.

250ok partnershipAccording to Tim Moore, 250ok VP of Customer Solutions, “By combining 250ok’s analytics and reputation offering with SparkPost Elite’s platform and services, customers will have a new layer of contextual and actionable visibility allowing them to unleash the full potential of the email channel.”

We’re sure that our customers will be as excited as we are to have this amazing set of tools at their disposal. If you’re using SparkPost Elite and want to know more about 250ok, reach out to your Technical Account Manager. Or, just give me, and my colleagues at 250ok, a shout. We’ll make sure you have what you need to be successful.

For more details, check out the full press release.

moxtra integration

Working with team members in an organized and efficient manner has never been more important. With so many applications at our finger tips, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Users are looking for easy ways to stay on top of team progress, without the burden of having to check multiple platforms.

This is why SparkPost and Moxtra are announcing an integration that delivers an embeddable, multi-layered cloud collaboration service. It lets people work the way they want to – on the go or at their desks, in real-time or anytime.

Moxtra focuses on delivering multi-layered collaboration for the enterprise through cross-platform, byte-sized APIs and SDKs.

SparkPost’s industry leading inbox placement and scalability makes it the perfect backend for Moxtra users who need to receive critical updates in real time. The great thing about SparkPost’s email delivery engine is being able to trust that emails will reach the inbox (not the spam folder) as actions take place. SparkPost’s RESTful APIs are perfectly designed for partners and developers of all sizes who want an easy way to integrate into the solution.

moxtra integration

Users can leverage this integration to send alerts in Moxtra. The alerts can notify team members of successes and failures, while receiving statistics right inside a Binder (collaborative workspace). If something actionable arises through a SparkPost notification, groups can instantly message each other, circulate important documents, or jump into a conference call to take action. This allows teams to go from problem to solution in a heartbeat.

SparkPost is built on the same proven technology that sends 25% of the world’s legitimate email. Combining this technology with Moxtra’s instant communication features, users are enabled to become masters of the “on-the-go” lifestyle.

moxtra integration

SparkPost and Moxtra are free to try for all. Click here to learn more!

SparkPost customers can now create high-converting marketing funnels

marketing rocket sparkpost integrationSparkPost is proud to announce a newly formed partnership with Marketing Rocket, a complete Sales and Marketing Automation platform.

The integration provides Marketing Rocket customers with the deliverability, scalability, and speed of SparkPost’s industry leading email platform. SparkPost customers can use Marketing Rocket to create high-converting marketing funnels by utilizing a tool that’s designed with leading edge strategies in mind. Their open source development means that Marketing Rocket can easily install directly onto any web host alongside any website platform, or directly into the Joomla! CMS.

Setting up Marketing Rocket to use the SparkPost integration is simple, and takes only a couple minutes! You can find additional documentation on our support site.

This is a great opportunity for SparkPost users to leverage Marketing Rocket’s email automation platform. Of particular interest to Marketing Rocket customers will be the real-time analytics available through the SparkPost dashboard, and industry-leading inbox delivery. These features compliment the Reporting and Email Delivery Statistics already available inside Marketing Rocket.

marketing rocket - dashboard-screenshot

Marketing Rocket offers one of the most affordable and full-featured open source Marketing Platforms available today and is perfect for consultants to use for their clients, or for individual business owners. Do away with the need for multiple pay-as-you-go services, and have all your marketing, lead generation, and lead nurturing located directly on your web host, all at very affordable pricing!

For additional information, head to the Marketing Rocket Website here.

If you liked this blog post, check out some of our other partner integrations.


SparkPost is available as an email add-on in the Heroku marketplace! Developers can leverage the deliverability, scalability, and speed of the SparkPost application without leaving the Heroku development platform.

The add-on makes it easy to automatically create a new SparkPost account through the standard Heroku add-on mechanism, and all billing is done through your existing Heroku account.

Setting up your application to use the SparkPost email add-on in Heroku is easy. Check out the details in the Heroku Dev Center to get up and running. SparkPost’s developer advocacy team has put together a great video showing how it works:

If you’re already logged in with the Heroku CLI Toolbelt, here are some quick tips to get started:

  1. Use heroku addons:create sparkpost to install the SparkPost add-on in your app
  2. Accept the terms of use heroku addons:open sparkpost
  3. Configure your sending domain for use with SparkPost.com and you’re ready to start sending email in production!

More details about our Heroku email add on are listed here.

It goes without saying that Heroku developers can take advantage of all of SparkPost’s goodness: real-time analytics in the dashboard, via API, and with webhooks; great API documentation and developer support; the best inbox placement in the industry, period; and some serious developer love.

We’re excited to help Heroku make the most of the world’s most powerful email platform. That’s why we’re offering exclusive pricing plans for the Heroku platform (including up to 100,000 free emails per month).

Let’s build something awesome with SparkPost and Heroku. Get started today.