In one of the early posts on this blog, Mike Hillyer, our head sales engineer here at Messages Systems, discussed the reasoning around why some growing companies might want to consider bringing their email sending capabilities in house. As Mike points out, a lot of senders start by using an email service provider (ESP) for their sending, and smartly so. ESPs have the infrastructure and know-how to handle enormous messaging volumes, and they can do so at good prices, which saves on the cost of  deploying and maintaining an email infrastructure.

Where that equation changes is when companies reach such high messaging volumes, or their messaging needs become so complex, that it becomes more economical to bring their sending operations in house, or at least some of their messaging. This is a pretty common scenario we encounter here at Message Systems. And for our customers who are bringing some or all of their capabilities in house, there are lots of issues to consider beforehand. In this short video, Mike talks about what these issues are and explains why a hybrid insourced + outsourced model works so well for a lot of Message Systems clients. He also talks about how clients can use our Message Central campaign origination system to integrate data from various sources to create more effective email programs.