Make Every Message Count with Multi-Touch Campaigns

People are receiving more email now than ever before. Personally, some days I can receive upwards of a hundred (or more) emails, and that’s just in my work inbox. And I’m sure I’m not alone. As a marketer, I know the value of email – but I also know there is no quicker way to turn off a customer or a prospect than by sending them too much email or email that is not relevant to them.

While some maintain that email is a ‘dead’ channel, the truth is that email is a critical component for any company’s demand generation strategy. But as important as email is, the answer is not to send more email, but to send ‘smarter’ email. Enhanced targeting and personalization are great ways to ensure you are getting more bang for your email buck. However, when it comes to communicating to your customers and prospects, can you do even more?

In today’s market, we are no longer limited to strictly using email to reach our audience – our communications channels now include dynamic content websites, social posts, SMS and more.

The key to maximizing the reach to your audience is not choosing one channel over the other, but to combine channels and create a truly integrated, multi-touch campaign.

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-Stacey Goff Johnson
Senior Manager, Demand Generation

Make every message count

It’s a Multi-Channel World

As consumers rely increasingly on smartphones and social media, the tried-and-true approaches to customer engagement need to be rethought. Customer communication methods that were designed for the wired-desktop and bulk email model of the early Internet era need to be re-crafted for the mobile wireless world we live in today. This holds true for B2C-oriented companies in virtually every sector — business as usual just doesn’t drive revenue like it used to.

A Fresh Approach to Customer Engagement

The Message Systems vision for customer communication is that companies should be able to connect with their customers at the precise time, and in the precise messaging channel, that’s most convenient at any give time. The success of that vision shines through in our highly diverse client base — a group of innovative companies that use our technology to connect on a one-to-one basis not just with customers, but guests, passengers, subscribers, members, friends, accountholders and gamers.

One of the key lessons learned from the explosive growth of cloud computing and social media in recent years is that when you have the ability to connect with customers through multiple touch points or channels — through mobile-optimized email, through SMS text, through push notifications or IM chat — opportunities for positive experiences increase. We see this in the marketplace with the greater convenience of mobile payments, text reminders from service providers and travel experiences made less stressful through trip update alerts. And when companies take the next step of allowing customers to set preferences for when and how you connect with them via targeted email and SMS marketing, positive engagement rises even further. This kind of preference-driven, multi-channel customer communication is exactly what Message Systems clients are creating with our solutions.

Get Smart With Targeted Email & SMS Marketing

It’s no coincidence that top cloud, social media and online innovators like Facebook, and PayPal rely on Message Systems solutions. Building on our technology, these companies are able to keep their users engaged and informed through communication programs that combine transactional alerts, lifecycle messaging and message-driven workflows in creative ways. Many top retailers, publishers, financial services providers and marketing technology providers are realizing that the kinds of engagement techniques pioneered by cloud and social media companies can be integrated into their own business models. Consider some of the ways that intelligent targeted email and mobile text messaging or SMS marketing can boost customer engagement and drive increased revenue for your business:

  • Produce and deliver relevant, compelling, and timely communications with targeted email that drives return traffic and more frequent visits.
  • Create new revenue sources by enhancing transactional alerts and notifications with value-added content or affiliate information.
  • Get messages to recipients quickly and reliably — especially time-sensitive content such as financial information — to create valuable differentiation.
  • Enhance customer care and support through multi-channel messaging based on customer preference to dramatically improve brand loyalty and create up-sell opportunities.

Whether it is boosting stickiness and accelerating growth, monetizing messaging streams, or increasing brand loyalty, targeted email and SMS marketing enable you to leverage better performance for a competitive edge.

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