Nobody can argue against the pervasiveness of mobile and how it has come to shape life and behaviors in the 21st century.  Mobile marketing has become a core component of marketing strategies, and who better to talk about optimizing customer interactions through SMS and push messaging at Interact 2013 than Stacy Adams, Vice President of Marketing from mBlox!

Stacy Adams

During her session, Stacy spoke about the importance and role of SMS in ensuring that messages are read and supporting email marketing. She also highlighted the short lifecycle of most mobile apps – 80 to 90% are downloaded once, then never used or discarded entirely. Adding push, however, increases lifetime engagement with an app, and is a necessary consideration for most business launching mobile apps.

Many businesses buy into the myth that since customers do not want to share, push and text are too intrusive and all you need for mobile engagement is a great app.

Here’s where these businesses are all wrong. A Millward Brown survey on mobile consumer attitudes published the following fascinating facts:

  • 68% of respondents find push and text messages to be valuable
  • 88% believe they should have an option to opt-in to communications
  • 80% of worldwide mobile app users want location-based messaging
  • 59% prefer to receive an offer or coupon via SMS or push
  • 57% feel SMS or push notifications drive their purchase decision

In a world of dramatic mobile market growth, where customers are willing to share their locations, mobile apps need to be able to engage customers and multi-channel capabilities are critical.  A mobile customer support ticketing system for problem resolution accelerates satisfaction and encourages repeat purchases. Mobile however, does have extremely strict guidelines and opt-in regulations, so businesses looking to invest in mobile marketing must take heed. At the end of the day, multi-channel is here to stay and mobile is a key component.

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The New Communications Standard

We’re heading to Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW) in New York on Nov 6-7! And you can join us with a complimentary pass if you register with Message Systems VIP code CEX028!

Customer Engagement Technology World is focused on leveraging technology solutions that enable richer engagement and enhanced experiences for customers and employees.

It’s a place where you can learn to better optimize your campaigns, channels and systems for more effective customer engagement.

It’s also a place where you can ‘Say Hi!’ to us at Booth 505. We’ll be sharing our knowledge on how to engage your customers on their terms by:

  • Communicating via email, SMS, push, and chat
  • Sharing two-way mobile and cross-channel communication
  • Sending timely, relevant and personalized messages 
  • Getting enhanced visibility into messaging metrics

And after stopping by our booth remember to check out the following sessions where we’ll be speaking!

A Multi-Channel Communication Plan: CRITICAL to Boost Your Customer Engagement

Date: November 6
Time: 12:45pm – 1.45pm
Venue: Room 2

Session Chair: Barry Abel, Senior VP, Sales, Message Systems
Speaker: Mark Griswold, Vice President & CIO, The Blue Book Building & Construction Network

Session Description:

Developing a fully integrated digital communication strategy will result in more effective customer engagement. However, few companies are equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources to implement a strategy that caters to the digital communication needs of its customers, who maintain 8-12 digital channels on average. In today’s tech-savvy world, it is crucial that companies learn how to communicate with their customers across multiple channels including email, SMS text, IM, and social messaging. This session discusses strategies and best practices for multi-channel customer communication.

While the session on a multi-channel communication plan is only open to conference attendees, we’ll also be speaking at the following session that is open to all attendees.

How To Drive Engagement By Combining Email With Mobile Messaging

Date: November 7
Time: 11.15am – 11.45pm
Venue: Learning Lounge

Speaker: Jose Santa Ana, Director of Product Marketing, Message Systems

Session Description:

It’s clear that both email and mobile messaging are indispensable tools in the marketer’s arsenal. The true value in utilizing these channels are derived however, not when these are used separately, but when used in tandem with each other — in targeted, coordinated cross-channel campaigns. Organizations can recognize significant business value by utilizing a single message management platform to support all types of digital messaging (email, text, push, IM, social, etc.). Unifying these cross-channel messages under one program makes the program more effective. Attend this session and understand how a unified platform facilitates the delivery of contextually relevant and timely messages that enhance the customer experience — to drive higher loyalty, engagement and profitability.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to engage with us at Customer Engagement Technology World and we’re happy to do it on your terms. So see you in New York and ‘Say Hi’ to us!

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The New Communications Standard