Tis the season to be traveling. And with the crowds, the ever-more inconvenient gate security and the cold winter weather that’s swept much of the country over the past week, airplane flights can be be more of a hassle than ever. But one smart airline is embracing advanced digital messaging to help make its customer experiences as seamless as they can be.

US Airways teamed up with Message Systems to streamline their email ticketing processing and delivery. With the Message Systems Momentum platform, the need to worry whether emails would be delivered or get lost by recipients has disappeared.

A key customer service capability for US Airways is ticketing via email. But with more people using multiple devices and multiple email accounts, missing or lost email tickets and receipts can be a real problem. For business travellers, having access to receipts for billing expenses is important also. With most email server applications, locating and retrieving sent messages is a time-consuming process requiring administrators to sift through log files. Not so with Message Systems.

US Airways uses Momentum with Message Scope, a search feature that enables the airline’s customer service reps to quickly search through even the largest log files. As such, they can find and resend email ticket receipts within a few seconds, and send travellers on their way fast. Ed Weber, IT Director at US Airways recently said,

When someone calls and says The receipt for my flight purchase didn’t make it to my inbox,’ we now know exactly what we sent them, and can resolve things automatically. That’s the ability we get with Message Scope.

Check out our case study, and learn more about how Momentum and Message Scope are helping US Airways provide great customer service to busy travellers.

Or hear from Ed Weber, IT Director at US Airways, on how Momentum helped US Airways improve customer relations.

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Transactional Messaging Best Practices

Our unique new introspection tool Message Scope launched in April. Designed for both telecom carriers and enterprises, Message Scope provides clear visibility into digital messaging operations, so you can effectively answer any questions that might arise around spam incidents, lost or delayed email or text messages, or other message-related problems.

The Visibility To Solve Problems Immediately

Quickly responding to customer service requests and complaints is essential to keep your business running successfully. And, how you handle those calls can make the difference between satisfied, brand-loyal customers, or unhappy customers ready to take their business elsewhere. Message Scope provides instant access to the information you need to quickly answer customer questions about digital communications – whether those questions are about spam, lost email or problems with SMS and MMS messages.

Elevate Your Customer Care

With its web-based interface and fast search capabilities, Message Scope empowers your customer care reps with precise insight into the origination, delivery and disposition of your email and text messages. It’s easy to access information about individual messages or specific topics, and pull up messages by type (email, SMS or MMS) or across a date range to determine if they have been delivered, blocked, bounced or misdirected. You can easily resend messages too, if needed.

Eliminate Manual Logfile Review

With Message Scope, you get a powerful introspection tool that provides a clear, unobstructed view into your message stream on demand. With its intuitive, web-based interface and powerful search capabilities, Message Scope enables you to perform transactional look-ups in real time, and gain precise insight into email and SMS dispositions to dramatically increase the speed of issue resolution. In fact, by enabling you to handle issue resolution within the customer service department – rather than by you or your anti-abuse team – Message Scope provides a wide range of business benefits.

  • Improve Customer Service – Pinpoint and resolve subscriber email and SMS/MMS issues right away – usually in real time while customer calls are underway.
  • Streamline Issue Resolution – Immediately recover and reroute messages and all their content in cases of misdirection or mistaken deletion on the part of customers.
  • Drive Down Costs – Save time and money by eliminating the need to involve system administrators in customer message problem resolution.

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