One of the main topics for discussion at last week’s OTA Forum in Washington D.C. was the rash of security breaches targeting ESPs over the past year. We heard a lot from concerned brands and service providers about the nature of the threats, and the measures they can take to representatives of government on breach reporting and other regulatory remedies. I’m sure this will be a major topic of discussion at MAAWG this week in Paris as well. (more…)

What I want to talk about here is how we move forward in addressing data security — more precisely, a framework for addressing the issue, not the particulars. First, I’m pleased to see various industry organizations mobilizing to form task forces, etc. to address this challenge — DMA, ESPC, MAAWG, OTA, etc. And equally impressive are the companies that have rushed to publish prescriptive advice (and even product solutions) for better management of customer data. Whether we totally agree with what’s being proposed is immaterial. It’s constructive movement in the right direction. (more…)