2013 has been an eventful year for the email marketing industry, filled with ups and downs, and many heated discussions. Yea, we know, because we’ve documented all the changes and upheaval, both good and bad through our weekly Message Exchange blog posts. We all have our personal favorites of course, but which topics and posts did you, dear reader, like? Well, we’ve got the list as indicated by none other than you, and we’re going to be counting down with the top 10 best email marketing blog posts !

#10. The Importance of Rotating Your DKIM Keys

DKIM email authentication makes the list at number 10! Our Director of Product Policy, Kate Nowrouzi, expounds upon the importance of not only implementing DKIM, but rotating your DKIM keys once every three months. Don’t leave your email security to chance… when was the last time you rotated your DKIM keys?

#9. A Day In The Life Of Infographic

It’s hard not to come into contact with our email software if you’re a regular user of social media platforms and other online services – after all, our digital messaging software, Momentum powers 20% of the world’s legitimate email! We’re glad you enjoyed our infographic illustrating the different ways in which Momentum powers your online communication in your daily life.

#8. How Groupon Broke The Mold With An Email Subject Line

Groupon provides us with a great example of how to stand out in the inbox with a unique email subject line. Talk about a successful email marketing strategy for an effective email marketing campaign… we’re honored to be chosen by Groupon to power their daily deals!

#7. Maintaining Deliverability With The ‘Big 4’

Email deliverability has, and always will be, an issue for email marketers. Here’s a quick guide to how some of the major Internet Service Providers, and email gatekeepers, determine whether your sending reputation is good enough for their customers’ inboxes.

#6. How To Explain DKIM To Your Grandmother Infographic

And once again DKIM proves to be popular among our readers, or was it just the awesome Grandma graphics? Whatever the reason, the How to Explain DKIM To Your Grandmother infographic certainly went viral on social media!

And that’s it for the posts that our readers have ranked in positions 10 to 6! Watch this space next week for our top five best email marketing blog posts! In the meantime, how about enjoying a free read about DMARC on us with the Don’t Deprioritize DMARC webinar? Enjoy!

Don't Deprioritize DMARC webinar

Successful Email Marketing Strategies for Effective Email Marketing

There’s a case for using standard email subject lines for something like a newsletter, and when you want your subscribers to clearly recognize communications from your brand – especially if they are brand loyalists. Because these customers expect consistent email updates from you and are looking out for that standardized subject line, changing the subject line could well mean a decline in email open rates.

However, when you are used to seeing the same email subject lines day in and day out, you tend to start filtering or filing them mentally. For example:

Oh… here’s another promotional email from so-and-so retailer. Oh well, I’ll look at that later and see if there’s anything interesting inside….

Sounds familiar? I do that every morning when I check my email. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes on a busy day, it’s easy to forget about those emails that you initially thought might be worth looking into.

Enter the unique subject line. It’s a challenge at times to think of something truly innovative and still ensure brand recognition, but it’s definitely not mission impossible.

Here’s a great example of how Groupon did it (full disclosure, they are one of our clients):

There Are No Deals In This Email

When I receive daily deals emails from Groupon all the time, it takes a lot for me to sit up, take notice and click on email. I expect discounts, holiday deals and the like from Groupon, so when I see something like “There Are No Deals In This Email“, curiosity gets the better of me. I can’t resist and I just have to click to find out what’s going on.

For those of you who are as curious as I am, here’s what I see upon clicking on the email.

Groupon has 1000s of email

I have to say that this is one of the slickest examples of successful email marketing that I have seen from a brand and it definitely left an indelible impression on me (to the point where I flagged it for the sake of writing this blog post). By breaking away from their usual daily deal oriented subject line that subscribers are used to, and sending them the exact opposite of what they expect, Groupon was able to stand out from the crowd of their own emails and cut through the noise.

We’re used to seeing such ingenuity from Groupon when it comes to email marketing, as with their much publicized “Punish Derrick” video, where subscribers who decide to unsubscribe are made to re-consider. And it’s clear we’ll be seeing more great emails from them.

Forget the usual personalized subject lines and discounts – this is the way a brand wins the email game.

The Transactional Email News Digest

[UPDATE: Spamhaus is back online.]

The lead article in this week’s Transactional Email News was supposed to reference a recent article on the Spamhaus blog about the organization’s recently announced spam traps program and issues with transactional email. Yet as of press time here at the Transactional Email News world headquarters, the article isn’t available because the entire Spamhaus site is under a massive distributed denial of service (dDOS) attack. For any senders who might be adversely affected by the unavailability of Spamhaus blocking lists and services, Laura Atkins at the indispensable Word to the Wise blog has some helpful suggestions. Good luck to the Spamhaus team in getting back up and running soon.

Pitfalls of Point of Sale or Transactional Email Address Collection

Related to unavailable Spamhaus piece above: Point of sale collection of email addresses is a pretty popular way of adding to email lists. However, many marketers found themselves on the Spamhaus Black List over the holidays, as a result of POS collection and list quality issues. Due to customers providing incorrect addresses whether on purpose or by accident, businesses ended up sending large volumes of mail to spamtraps. Christine Borgia from ReturnPath warns of such pitfalls and re-emphasizes the need to confirm that such POS email addresses are accurate and that the recipients want the mail.

5 Rules for SaaS Email Marketing and Transactional Messages

The 5 rules for email marketing and transactional messages may seem like common sense:

  • Get Delivered
  • Get to the Inbox
  • Get Opened
  • Get Read
  • Get ‘Em to Take Action

However, this article provides in-depth actionable tips and insight to optimizing content for best results. Here’s a preview in images.

Confirmation Opt-in Checklist
Optimize Emails on Different Platforms
Call To Actions in Emails

Improve customer service & cut communications costs with Transactional Messaging

Last but definitely not least on the list are a couple of webinars of note.

First up from Tor Flatebo at govDELIVERY is a presentation targeted at government organizations looking to cut costs and improve customer service through transactional messaging. Sign up for the webinar if you are interested to learn more!


Second, our own Mike Hillyer, Senior Director of Global Solution Consulting helmed a deliverability webinar in conjunction with David Daniels, known email extraordinaire, CEO of The Relevancy Group and former VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester.  Watch the Six Secrets of Successful Sending webinar to learn how to increase your email deliverability today!

6 Secrets of Successful Sending