Become a SparkPost Engineering Intern

An internship opportunity can be incredibly valuable to your growth and career. Landing a cool internship can be one of the most important steps you take as you prepare to enter the workforce. There are many reasons why working at SparkPost as an Engineering intern is a fantastic idea! Here are the top 5:

Work on real technology

An internship at SparkPost means you get to work on the exact same crucial projects our full-time developers and engineers are working on. You gain the experience and knowledge you’ll need to rely on as you enter the workforce. You get exposed to things you can’t learn in the classroom. Additionally, you get to see your hard work directly in our products. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Learn more about the cool stuff we’re working on!

Leads to full-time opportunities!

The opportunity to gain the hands–on experience is essential but there’s the added bonus of building a network. You can create a strong referral network which is priceless. Not only can you use the real world experience that you developed, but you also have the opportunity to impress those around you that can attest to your stellar skills! In fact, several of our interns have transitioned to full-time roles at SparkPost! Read where some of our previous interns have landed in this blog post.

Work with awesome people

At SparkPost, we have smart, passionate people that really enjoy what they do. You get to work side-by-side with mentors and learn on a daily basis. Have a question or want to learn more? Our small environment empowers you to learn from the smartest minds in the industry.


We host two internal hackathons a year and our interns get in on the fun! You get your creative juices flowing while working with other engineers to develop fun and interesting ideas. You may even see your idea implemented in a future SparkPost release!

The Perks!

Pizza, ping pong and all the snacks you can eat? Yes, please! We like to keep things fun here at SparkPost. We work hard but our culture promotes the little things that make working at SparkPost fun! Read about our intern culture.

“I love the openness and culture. There’s a huge focus on communication. I’ve been given work that challenges me but nothing that I can’t handle. Even when I’ve run into issues I can ask my fellow interns or any of the employees for help. It has been such a fun learning experience – I really couldn’t ask for anything better.”
–Avi Goldman, former intern, now a Software Engineer at SparkPost

And finally, engineering interns aren’t having all the fun! Other areas of SparkPost also offer exciting internship opportunities. You can check out our Marketing intern’s journey here as an example.

We’re also currently hiring for Summer Engineering Interns! If interested, you can apply here!

-Jayne Tanton

Other questions around working for SparkPost or on becoming an Engineering intern? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our recruiting team directly.

Top 10 Blogs: Our Year in Review

We’re finishing out the year with a roundup of our top 10 blogs from 2016. The Mandrill announcement in April impacted our community, and as a result our blog, in a big way. We’re recapping that along with other top posts on deliverability tips and email marketing best practices down below. As always, our ears are open, so if there’s a certain topic you’d like to see on the blog, leave us a comment, tweet us, or ping us in slack.

Without further ado, we give you the top 10 blogs of 2016:

#1 Mandrill Alternatives

It’s no surprise that our Mandrill alternative blogs dominated our top 10 list (5 out of our top 10). We responded in real-time to the Mandrill crisis, and our CEO even weighed in and made you a promise he intends to stick by for the long haul. The Mandrill incident also inspired us to create SendGrid and Mailgun migration guides, check them out when you have a chance.

Mandrill Template Migration top 10 blogs

#2 PHP

But beyond Mandrill, we also had some other top posts. Coming in second was using SparkPost in PHP. Believe it or not, many of you use PHP through our WordPress plugin.

PHP in SparkPost

#3 Advanced Email Templates

For developers who want to get the most out of SparkPost templating capabilities, this post was meant for you! In this straight-forward post, Chris Wilson makes sending email easy and gives you some pro tips along the way.


advanced email templates


#4 What Recruiters Look for in a Dev Candidate

Everyone wants to know how to interview well. In this post we told you about what four tech recruiters look for when hiring developer and engineering candidates.

Recruiter for Dev Candidate

#5 Webhooks!

One of the most useful elements of SparkPost are our webhooks and in this post, Ewan Dennis walks you through the basics and beyond. Knowing what to expect functionally beyond the raw API spec is half the battle when consuming new data sources like SparkPost webhooks.

webhooks: beyond the basics

#6 Outlook and Hotmail Email Deliverability

The Outlook inbox is one of the major destinations for most email senders, especially those with large numbers of consumer subscribers. It also has a reputation for being somewhat tricky to get into. In this post, one of our deliverability experts, Tonya Gordon, shares what senders need to know in order to get the best Hotmail/Outlook deliverability and ensure their messages reach the inbox.

#7 Announcing Subaccounts!

Thanks to your feedback, the Mandrill event helped us expedite our release of subaccounts ahead of schedule. Our VP of Product told you about how we process your feedback and what’s available with subaccounts.

SparkPost #WeLoveDevelopers

#8 Are You an Email Rookie?

Sometimes you need to go beyond a top 10 list and in this case we did — 17 tips on how not to be labeled an email rookie. In this post we put together a list of common mistakes, with a heavy dose of snark, on how to avoid being labeled an email marketing rookie.

Email Marketing Rookie Kid Missing Steering Wheel

#9 Retail Marketing Stats You Need to Know

Do you know what the lowest e-commerce order generators are? In this post, we give you five tips and stats for mastering retail marketing. From social media, to mobile and beacon triggered emails.

Retail Marketing statistics mobile 2016

#10 Setting Up SparkPost as your SMTP Relay

You know you need to send email, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time or effort on it — you just want something that works out of the box. It’s not too much to ask! Many frameworks, languages, and tools come with SMTP support, but the last step is the most important – an SMTP server. In this post, we walk you through how to set up SparkPost as your SMTP Relay.

And that rounds out our Top 10 Blogs for 2016! Any industry trends or topics you think were under-represented? Leave us a comment below, or tweet us!