Weekly Email Marketing News Digest

We have a special edition of the weekly email marketing news digest today!

In line with all the promotions that we are running for Interact 2013 – The Industry Digital Messaging Conference, this week’s news is heavily influenced by Interact 2013.

How so?

Well, we’re bringing you opinions and voices from email experts who will be speaking at Interact 2013! Here’s a preview of the kind of top quality content that our Interact 2013 speakers will have in store for you.

How The Obama Campaign Succeeded With Low Open Rates

Dela Quist provides a detailed analysis of why the Obama campaign won Obama presidency – despite low open rates. He looks at list size and mailing frequency, with the conclusion that there is an inverse relationship between send volumes and open rates. However in a scenario where doubling sending volumes reduces open rates by 15%, it is still better to send more, as people cannot engage with emails they do not receive (A core reason why deliverability is so important!).

Dela Quist is founder and CEO of Alchemy Worx. He’ll be speaking on the topic of The Open Rate Paradox at Interact 2013.

Preference Centres Without Preferences

Post acquisition by Oracle, Eloqua’s Dennis Dayman offers some thoughts on what companies are doing wrong with their preference centers. Namely, allowing people to edit the list of newsletters they wish to get and unsubscribe, but not to actually change their listed emails. To do that, subscribers often have to unsubscribe, and resubscribe. In his words:

Folks, it is so simple. If you’re going to offer a preference centre to customers then go all the way. Offer opt-in, opt-out, opt-down to everything email, social, and tracking related. You need to give consumers choice.

Dennis Dayman, SVP Cloud Operations, Oracle Eloqua, will be presenting the topic of Consolidating Technologies with a Focus on “Privacy By Design” at Interact 2013.

What’s The Best Way To Handle Video In Email Marketing?

When it comes to video in email marketing, Chris Penn has three recommendations.

  • Placeholder Image: By asking people to load images, placeholder images gives you a more accurate open rate if you use ALT tags correctly.
  • Dedicated Landing Page: With a dedicated landing page, you’ll be able to derive data insights from Google Analytics.
  • YouTube Video: Hosting the video on YouTube ensures that the video will be compatible with different devices and allow you to gain insights on engagement.

Chris Penn, VP, Marketing Technology for SHIFT Communications will be speaking on Planning & Designing Your Messages To Ensure Optimal Cross-Channel Delivery at Interact 2013.

The Benefits of Adopting DMARC Email Authentication

Recognizing Sam Masiello’s expertise in the email space, we invited him to speak on the issue of DMARC at a webinar recently. You can hear his insights on why adopting DMARC is critical to your reputation and business email ROI here.

Don't Deprioritize DMARC Webinar

Sam Masiello is Head of Application Security in Groupon. Come October, he’ll be talking about DMARC Fundamentals at Interact 2013.

What happens online in 60 seconds? [Infographic] 

Here’s the reason why Interact 2013 has expanded to include the broader digital messaging industry as a whole. Each day, as consumers, we are inundated by different digital messages from various digital channels. Looking at channels in silos is no longer realistic. Here’s a snap shot of the sheer volume of online activity in 60 seconds.


Learn more about DMARC through our free How DMARC Is Saving Email ebook!

How DMARC Is Saving Email

Weekly Email Marketing News Digest

This week’s email marketing series has a Valentine’s Day slant as marketers sift through emails to find out what’s trending in the season where love is in the air. They tell you what they’re in love with… or not.

From Bad First Date to Love: How ProFlowers’ Valentine’s Day Emails Won Me Over

Real life examples are often far more compelling than theoretical talk. Here’s the story of how ProFlowers first got personalization wrong… before they got it right. As they say, practice makes perfect! Here’s the version that got the thumbs up:


Love May Be in the Air, But It’s Not in the Inbox

There’s a little less love in the inbox this year as compared to last. On Feb 5 2013, there were only 11% Valentine’s Day themed emails. Last year on the same day it was 14%. On Feb 9, where you’d expect retailers to be ramping up their activities, the percentage fell further from 13% last year to 6% this year.


What’s increasing this year is the percentage of heart symbols used in email subject lines. On Feb 8, 8% of emails were using this tactic as compared to none last year.

Unsurprisingly, the words “free”, “shipping” and “save” were the three most used words in emails during the last few weeks.

UK DMers Advance New Engagement Metric

Will the open/reach metric be the next big thing in email marketing?

If a group of UK DMA (Direct Marketing Association) members have their way, that metric could become the reality for many emarketers.

The open/reach metric is defined as the number of people who have opened a marketer’s email at least once over a given period of time, from a quarter to a year, depending on the frequency of mailings.

Engagement is currently measured by open, clicks and conversions. The need to drive these metrics have led to marketers trimming their lists when it comes to ‘inactive’ subscribers – perhaps needlessly some claim. While this group of subscribers does not click frequently on mailings, they may well respond sporadically.

Do you remember us?

Our client, Dennis Dayman from Eloqua shares his experience with what he first thought was spam mail. It turned out to be a welcome email practicing one of the tenets of email marketing best practices – The Unsubscribe Option.


Drive Frequency. Drive Subscribers. Drive Marketing

“Anyone without an email address is the digital equivalent of a homeless person.” – Dela Quist, Founder & CEO, Alchemy Worx

Quist’s advice to the audience at the Email Evolution Conference was to organically grow email databases and amplify email frequency. Increasing the frequency of email is something that lies in the grey area as emarketers often fear being labelled a spammer.

Quist urges emarketers to give consumers a chance to get around to opening emails. How so? By giving them more opportunities to open emails with more emails. According to Quist, email frequency can drive engagement between a brand and customers. It also links email to other channels. However, it’s a good idea to understand consumer behavior on those channels before embarking on a cross-channel strategy to optimize the impact of the email.

And there you have it, The Valentine’s Day edition!

We’re hoping to get some thoughts posted from all of our Deliverability Summit panel participants, and Dennis Dayman was nice enough to provide the following (more…)