For most of us, when we hear the phrase social network we think of Facebook. In the U.S., of course, Facebook completely dominates the discussion and the marketplace when it comes to social media. Outside the U.S. it’s a different story. China, especially, has a highly competitive social networking scene, with at least five major players scrambling to capture and build market share within the world’s largest population. These companies provide offerings that mix Twitter-like microblogging services, social games, mobile services and straight-up imitations of Facebook features. This Mashable article with a handy infographic provides a great overview of the players. Right in the middle of the action is Message Systems client Kaixin001.

We first started working with Kaixin001 in early 2011 as they were initially seeking ways to improve their email deliverability, but it became apparent as the relationship progressed that a Momentum implementation could help the company advance its business objectives in multiple ways. Wei Guo, Vice President at Kaixin001 put it this way: “our challenge at Kaixin001 is to innovate, to create a platform that continually engages our member base with better services, new offerings and fun activities. With state-of-the-art messaging powered by the Momentum platform, we have the capacity now to roll out any number of new services, from social and mobile Internet offerings to games and other kinds of opportunities.”

With their Momentum implementation in place, Kaixin001 immediately boosted deliverability consistently above 90%, but it also opened up new possibilities for additional revenue streams. Perhaps most importantly, with a vastly expanded messaging capability and deliverability problems solved, Kaixin001 was able to increase its use of automated status emails (alerts and notifications) for member outreach. And that’s exactly what the company did, creating new services based on message-driven workflows that improved member engagement and strengthened loyalties. Building on its relationship with Message Systems, Kaixin001 is set up to compete more energetically than ever before in the intensely competitive Chinese social media market. Get the full story in English or in Chinese (PDF).

In our last newsletter, CEO George Schlossnagle explained that the company has begun to devote more attention to outreach and fostering a sense of community among our clients and partners. With more than 100 employees spread across three US and four international offices and clients on four continents from multiple vertical markets, keeping everyone on the same page is a bit more challenging. But the rewards of tapping into this diverse and growing knowledge base are greater than ever before too.

The success of the Interact user conference really helped bring this issue into focus. Our aim is to keep the spirit of Interact alive and make it the Message Systems community where employees, clients and partners can exchange ideas and use cases and discuss technical and business issues of common interest. There are plenty of ways for us to stay in touch – especially through social media. The Messenger newsletter is part of that effort, but we’re all about dialog and interaction at Message Systems, so we’re encouraging you to connect with us online and through social media. There are multiple ways to do so. Read on!


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