#SparkPostSF Tweet It to Win It Contest: Win $1000 Cash!

Jennifer Lacey
May. 31, 2017 by Jennifer Lacey

Come and Find us San Francisco – You Could Win $1000

Our favorite four-letter word is L-O-V-E. We <3 developers and we also love San Francisco. This year, you may have heard that San Francisco is celebrating 50 years of the word ‘love’ as an homage to folks in the sixties like Jack Kerouac, The Beatles, and the American Indians, whose free spirit embodied the term as they searched for the deeper meaning of life in their poetry, music, and protest.

We’re celebrating too, by spreading the love around San Francisco about SparkPost and giving you a chance to get in on the action and win $1000.

If you live in San Francisco, you may notice a few posters popping up with our SparkPost brand during the month of June, like this:


Tweet It To Win It – Use #SparkPostSF

To celebrate San Francisco’s Summer of Love 50th Anniversary we’re spreading the love by giving away $1000 to a random winner from all of the selfies featuring our signs taken through the month of June. Full details below:

  1. Spot it: Spot a SparkPost sign around the city (these are ground level, so no scaling hillsides or billboards necessary)
  2. Snap it: Snap a pic of yourself in front of the sign (let’s keep it PG please)
  3. Tweet it: Tweet your pic and be sure to tag @SparkPost AND use the hashtag #SparkPostSF.

Your tweet and tag automatically enter you into a random drawing for $1000 cash! It’s that easy!

And for those asking, you can only enter the contest once, so get creative! While you won’t get additional entries, brownie points for thinking outside the box! Include your dog, your BFF or your entire office!

A couple of frequently asked questions:

Where can I find the signs to take pictures with?

That’s half the fun! We’ll tweet out some locations during the month. But you’ll find most mainly concentrated in the Financial District, SOMA and Fisherman’s Wharf.

For some hints, check this out: SparkPost Poster Ad Location List

I am a SparkPost employee – am I eligible?

No 🙂 Unfortunately, employees, family members, and spouses are not eligible. However, we appreciate the support and we’d love to see your selfies anyway!

I’m not in San Francisco, can I still participate?

Sadly, not this time around! However, we are looking into doing promotions like this in your city! Leave us a comment with where you’re located and you might see us around town soon!

How many signs are there?

There are roughly 30 signs throughout the city.
HINT: Follow us on Twitter where we’ll tweet out the various locations.

How long is this contest running?

The ads will be up in San Francisco from 5/29-6/26/2017 – plenty of time to get your selfie on!


Happy hunting!


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