Today we are releasing some major navigation updates in the SparkPost app! Driven by user feedback, the new navigation is simpler and reorganized, with all the related sections grouped together.

And don’t worry – next time you visit the app, there will be a guide to assist you through these changes. If you have questions, you can learn more about the reorganization.

Why the change?

Over the past year, we’ve shipped a lot of new and exciting features. For most of them, we’ve created new pages and navigation items in the SparkPost app.

Here are some of the things we’ve launched:

Behind the scenes, we’ve been preparing for some substantial investments and improvements in the user experience of our app, big and small alike. This constant cycle of new feature development and improvement means that from time to time the navigation can get a little messy. We’re excited about the opportunity to start putting the pieces back together in a way that fits our users.

Research & process

To figure out the right information architecture for our app, Aubrey – our Director of User Experience – and her team ran a card sorting exercise with 50 SparkPost users. Without any outside help, each user sorted 33 cards into categories that made sense to them, and then named the categories. Using the results from the exercise, we created a plan on how to move our product towards the ideal state, with this update as the first step!  We were tempted to borrow Hogwarts’ Sorting Hat and have it decide on our behalf, but our User Experience team has been stirring up some magic of their own 😉

Our other goal with this change is to rethink how Signals is presented in the app. When we first pushed Signals live, we shipped it under its own navigation item. But when we talk about Signals, we aren’t just referring to Health Score, Engagement Insights, and Spam Trap Monitoring; all of the SparkPost analytics features are part of Signals – from the Events search to the Summary report. PowerMTA or Momentum users who wire Signals up get access to all of our analytics features. This change aligns the product with your experience and access. Professor Trelawney, Hogwarts’ Professor of Divination, couldn’t find better alignment in her tea leaves.

What’s next?

We’ve got lots of improvements coming down the line that will make you a more successful sender. Check back in October for an awesome update from @isaacswkim.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Shoot an email to if you have any suggestions on changes or improvements we should make. If you want to get on a call to talk about email, Signals, or anything else, you can reach me at

Happy sending!

—Avi, Technical Product Manager


❤️ Thank you to Aubrey Altman, Patrick Sison, Kevin Chu, Cole Strode, Daeyon Griffin, and the Product, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams