Competitive Tracker Now Available on the Salesforce AppExchange

The SparkPost and Salesforce partnership brings easy access to a wide variety of email data and insights within Salesforce’s easy-to-use interface. We’re excited to announce a fully integrated version of Competitive Tracker, a comprehensive email intelligence solution where you can see competitors’ campaigns, is now available on the AppExchange in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Keeping tabs on your own sending, deliverability, and engagement performance is key to having a successful email program. To help you monitor all of these metrics and more, we created Inbox Tracker for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This integration lets you and your marketing team focus on campaign performance with metrics that matter to your business. Using custom activities within Journey Builder, you can clearly see how each email is performing.

If you want to take your email program to the next level, it is equally as important to understand how you stack up against your competition. Competitive Tracker for Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides you with all sorts of insights on segmentation strategies, campaign deliverability, engagement results, overlap with competing brands, and your standing in the industry. 

Outperform Your Competition in the Inbox

Let’s face it, competition in the inbox is fierce. Understanding your own performance is a great first step, but ignoring your competitors can leave you scrambling. If you want to learn how to make your campaigns stand out from the pack and maximize your ROI, you must focus on all parts of your email marketing program.  

Have you ever wondered how your communication strategies compare with your competitors?  What is working for them? What types of offers do they use to win back subscribers? With Competitive Tracker, that’s incredibly simple for you to see. You can do research on your competitors at the company, brand, or sending domain level. You even have the option to do direct brand-to-brand comparisons over time, making what would be an arduous task a breeze.

Competitive Tracker continues to be the only competitive email marketing intelligence tool that actively tracks millions of domains across 200,000 brands in 100+ industries. With Competitive Tracker for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, users will benefit from:

  • SparkPost’s extensive consumer panel allows for tracking and reporting on virtually every marketing email campaign sent by almost every significant brand so that you can compete more effectively in the inbox and plan ahead for important holidays or seasonal strategies
  • Benchmarking performance against key competitors with visibility into their email campaigns
  • Deep insight into competitors’ email journeys – including frequency, tone, and successful strategies
  • Planning ahead for seasonality or following market changes to compete in the inbox
  • Identifying areas of improvement by comparing your email performance against rival brands to see what’s working for them

Creating effective and efficient connections with audiences using email requires integrated approaches that can not only do the job, but highlight where and how to improve quickly. Competitive Tracker makes it easier to sustain a competitive advantage over your competitors. You need to know where you stand. Joining forces with Salesforce to deliver an automated solution that both benefits recipients and helps businesses increase the effectiveness of their email is another important step in SparkPost’s innovation.  

Want to dive a little deeper? Request a demo of Competitive Tracker for Salesforce Marketing Cloud today.

~ Steve McElroy, Senior Product Manager, Email Analytics at SparkPost, A MessageBird Company


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