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Liza Sperling
May. 17, 2018 by Liza Sperling

Last year we announced SparkPost Labs, our virtual playground where we share new APIs and API functionality. Today we are excited to welcome a new beta feature to the Labs: Smart Send.

What Is Smart Send?

Engagement, or how recipients interact with your email, is a critical factor in email deliverability. High engagement shows ISPs that your recipients are interested in your email and results in better inbox placement. With this in mind, our deliverability experts recommend that you stop (or slow) sending email to unengaged recipients. The beta version of Smart Send is an optional API feature that allows you to easily remove recipients who haven’t clicked on or opened your messages in the past six months.

How Smart Send Works

In the transmissions API and the SMTP API, add the following option:

  • “smart_send = true”
  • boolean defaults to false.

It is on a transmissions basis, so you can choose to include Smart Send in the transmissions call or not. Messages that are not sent due to the Smart Send feature, will have an “Admin Bounce” code = 26, “Smart Send”. The bounce reason message is “5.7.1 Smart Send suppressed”.

Starting today, Smart Send is available for anyone hosted on a standard SparkPost plan. It is not yet available for SparkPost EU, since we do not yet have 6 months of data, but we plan to make it available in October.

Why beta? It’s very simple to start, but the vision is to enhance it over time, with your feedback, to make it truly smart. We encourage you to give it a try, and share your feedback with us on our Slack channel.

A Reminder about Labs Features

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when you try out anything marked as “SparkPost Labs” in our API docs:

  • Labs API functionality is not versioned. As such, it is available under a distinct /api/labs/ path rather than /api/v1/ path.
  • Any API feature accessed via /api/labs/ is by definition experimental and subject to change.
  • Normal support channels or SLAs are not available for SparkPost Labs. You can provide feedback on our Slack channel. We will route your feedback to our engineering and product teams

An Update on A/B Testing…

As you may recall, when we launched Labs, we also announced an experimental A/B testing feature.

We’ve heard your feedback and are working on a generally available version of A/B Testing for release in the June timeframe. The new A/B Testing feature will allow you to test your transactional and app-generated messages using stored templates with a sophisticated Bayesian statistical model. If you are interested in getting an early preview, please let us know in our Slack channel, so we can contact you when it’s ready.

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