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Amie Durr
Oct. 16, 2018 by Amie Durr

If email is mission-critical to your business, you know that changes to email performance have a major impact on business performance. As a result, enterprise email teams spend significant time and resources mitigating email challenges such as inbox deliverability and recipient engagement. It’s an often frustrating and specialized problem that requires deep email expertise, which is scarce, expensive, and a distraction from strategic objectives.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce SparkPost Signals, a suite of dashboards and tools to provide data-driven, actionable, and predictive insights to simplify email expertise. As the world’s #1 email sender with nearly two decades of email experience, SparkPost has an incomparable breadth and depth of email data and email knowledge. With SparkPost Signals, you can leverage both our data and knowledge to send smarter email.

  • Data-Driven: Leverage more than a trillion data points and our deep knowledge of email and best practices to optimize your relationships with your customers and drive your business’ growth.
  • Actionable: It’s not enough to just have access to data. Take advantage of personalized recommendations to quickly take action when issues are on the horizon.
  • Predictive: Predict and detect issues in advance, so that you can swiftly react to critical events before they impact or interrupt your business.

Signals Overview

While there are many factors that go into email expertise, Signals will help you keep your eye on four critical areas: health, spam traps, engaged recipients, and frequency optimization. Here’s an overview of what you’ll see in Signals, and how these components help you send smarter email:

  • Health: While knowing when something has gone wrong and how to fix it is valuable, predicting when something is about to go wrong and how to avoid it is even more important. Our health score uses a predictive model to flag potential problems delivering to ISPs. The model utilizes a number of signals informed by email sending practices and ISP responses to derive this score.
  • Spam Traps: Spam trap reporting is a key contributor to sender health. Among other things, it can indicate poor list hygiene and list procurement practices. SparkPost can see all of your traffic and not just the part hitting a trap network, providing both broader coverage of your traffic and deeper insights than 3rd parties.
  • Engaged Recipients: Another key input to a sender’s health is engagement. Specifically, sending to unengaged recipients impacts ISPs inbox and tab placement. Signals shows exactly the impact of sending to engaged vs. unengaged recipients. Additionally, you can see how complaints, unsubscribes, bounces, and spam trap hits impact your engagement.
  • Frequency Optimization: Do you know how frequently you can send to your recipients to achieve the highest engagement with the lowest risk of fatigue? Answering this question is critical to reducing churn and growing the lifetime value of your customers. Signals provides you that exact answer. What’s more, we’ll give you a more granular understanding of customer engagement with a view of touchpoint frequency to ensure you are emailing your customers at the right cadence.

Simplifying the time-consuming process of identifying and connecting the dots between multiple performance signals will dramatically improve your team’s visibility into your email health. SparkPost Signals will help you manage and improve your email performance—and help you send smarter emails.

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-Amie Durr

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