Over the last few months, we’ve notified you about our new User Interface. We’ve reached out for feedback, iterated, and made updates (thank you!). We’ve conducted interviews and tests, and we’re excited to say that today is the big day – we’re officially launching all users into the new UI

Why a new design?

In today’s digital world, when you head to a website or an app, a great user experience is no longer a stand out but an expectation. We want our customers to expect the best from SparkPost. This is why we’ve built our new User Interface. Like everything we do, we want to ensure that our offerings not only meet our customers expectations but exceed them. 

The SparkPost User Experience and Front End Engineer teams did not just give the SparkPost app a new look and feel – they rebuilt the app from the ground up. This means faster development and iterations of new features. There is a consistent and accessible visual language and design patterns throughout as well as improved user workflows to streamline and uplevel your experience. 

So What’s New? 

You’ll see some new features that are available in the new User Interface. We have a new reporting dashboard that makes it easy to compare metrics side by side, save reports and much more.

Only the Data you Want with Saved Reports:

Save a set of metrics that are most important to you and easily access them each time you log in. Customize your filters and overlay as many metrics as you like, since we now let you choose an unlimited number of metrics(!). 

Filters that Work for You: 

Why run multiple reports when you can run just one? Flexible filtering helps you visualize your data in new, more efficient ways.

Schedule Saved Reports: 

Easily track your key email metrics by scheduling a report to land in your inbox when you want it. Automate reports to stakeholders so you can spend your time where it’s most valuable. 

Make your Dashboard Your Own: 

Access your data faster than ever by pinning a report to your dashboard (EU). Quick links to key areas, like our new dedicated Usage page (EU), save you even more time.


Compare two or more message streams head-to-head to visualize trends of multiple streams over time. Easily identify your top performers or message streams that have the most room for improvement. 

Introducing Sparky!

Sparky is the new SparkPost Mascot to help guide you through the app and get you to the next step. We hope you love him as much as we do!

Wait, I can’t find something!

If you have any issues in navigating the new User Interface or can’t find something, please submit a support ticket or reach out to your TAM or CSM.

~ Aubrey