Product Spotlight: Momentum for CRM

John Pinson
Apr. 1, 2012 by John Pinson

Stepping in a new direction, Message Systems recently announced a new line of software solutions that extend and enhance the messaging capabilities of legacy CRM systems. The first module in this new line is tailored to boost the email and SMS/MMS capabilities of Oracle’s Siebel® CRM application. Momentum for CRM empowers B2C and B2B organizations relying on Oracle’s Siebel® CRM to unleash the full potential of Siebel® as a cross-channel marketing platform for engaging today’s increasingly mobile customers.

CEO George Schlossnagle explained the impetus behind the new solutions as a response to a particular market need: “We’re experiencing strong customer demand for immediate solutions to specific messaging challenges, and an issue that we’ve been asked about repeatedly is how to boost the effectiveness of Oracle’s Siebel® CRM for marketing and customer care. With so many global brands relying on legacy systems, such as Oracle’s Siebel CRM, to engage in multinational markets, we believe this kind of targeted solution offers great value and is one whose time has come.”

In an early trial project, a Momentum for CRM implementation enabled an EMEA-based manufacturer of mobile electronics to facilitate a far greater message delivery capacity across its international marketing operations, improving campaign effectiveness and driving increased revenue. It achieved these goals while improving its deliverability and sending reputation with ISPs. At the same time, this company was able to significantly cut the costs of its mobile marketing operations through policy-based controls in Momentum for CRM that prevented unauthorized sending of SMS/MMS messages from internal users, and also routed messages to its global aggregator network in the most cost-efficient way possible. Get the whole story on that implementation here (PDF), or learn more about Momentum for CRM here.

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